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Sadism and Masochism, Interracial Sex

Title:  Dom's Revenge

Series:  N/A

Author: Tiffany Meat

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,627 Words

ISBN:  LC3300004

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Dom's Revenge


Kathy started to sob uncontrollably, tied securely as she was on the rack. The rack is my latest toy and fortunately, my loft is large enough to accommodate its dimensions. I had to admit, she does look hot, with her pointy nipples, light brown pubic hair, and milky white skin all spread out. Her tears and the way they were ruining her makeup as well as the way she was writhing on the rack was most arousing.

LeRoy oftentimes gets into these situations, where his anger takes over and he just loses it. I only hope he didnít bring his flamethrower with him. For that, I will have to put my foot down. My home insurance doesnít cover Korean War military artifacts being used as a film prop. Last time I allowed him to film a shoot; he used the flame thrower and almost burned my place down.

As he stopped a moment to wipe the spittle and foam from his mouth, I took the opportunity to check out Kathy. When I direct and participate in my own shoots, I carefully interview the girl, particularly if I hadnít worked with her before, and determine whether she is the right type for my films.

In this case, LeRoy called me this morning and asked if he could film a quick shoot for his website. Told me he had picked up some hot white slut (his words) who lived for pain. Intrigued as I always am regarding women and their need for pain, I agreed. Besides, as the cameraman for the shoot, I could always pick up new techniques from one of the industries true geniusí when it came to dishing out the pain.



Kathy would do anything for her Master. When he invites another Dom over though, Kathyís reservations show. Now her Master is about to let this cruel Dom take out his sadistic pleasures on her! Tied and helpless, Kathy has no choice but to accept her brutal punishment. In this erotic tale of interracial degradation, will Kathy discovers thereís more to her cries than she first realized?

eBook TAGS    Sadism and Masochism, Interracial Sex, Bondage and Discipline, BDSM Torture Play, Sadistic Bullwhip, Dark Erotica


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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