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Non-Consent Incest Erotica

Title:  Domino Effect

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  48,451 Words

ISBN:  LC1100245

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Domino Effect


That evening, my phone rings and it's the voice on the other end, who claims to be the President of one of the leading government contractor companies. The guy asks me, “Do you know who I am?”

“I know the name that you use. If you are indeed the guy with that name and that title, I know who you are and I even attended one or two software bidding briefings, where we were both present. I don't really know you.”

The voice tells me, “There are video tapes of some area top executives, engaged in sexual activity. Careers and even companies are hanging in the balance. We think that you might have the videos.”

I reply, “I got an earlier call, from my former boss, Rick. You know, the Rick, who treated me like trash, denied me earned promotion and then laid me off, that Rick. I now have to find another job, another paycheck. Since I'm looking for a job, the last thing that I want is to get involved in what seems to be a sex scandal. I might remind you that Rick assigned me to a sequence of lone ranger jobs at local military bases. If there was some sort of sexual activity going on at my previous company, I had no knowledge of it and no realistic access to anyone who might have known about it. I don't have your sex video tapes and I'll take a lie detector test on that, cost you $1,000. If I were to speculate on who does have the sex video tapes, I would suggest that you start with Rick. From the phone call that I got from Rick, he obviously knows about the sex video tapes.”

The voice asks, “Did you know that Rick was hiring people who were doing no work for the government?”

I snort, “I'm not gonna answer your question, as I have an allergic reaction to putting my head on a chopping block. However, I will tell you that my military customers thought that Rick was hiring people who were doing no work for the government, conclusion on the part of the witness type of thing. I tell you that only because I strongly suspect that the military may well file some sort of lawsuit against Rick for hiring people who were doing no work for the government.”

The voice asks me, “You were doing work for the government?”

I laugh, “I was in a military facility computer lab, doing the work that Rick assigned to me. The military people know what I was doing, because I had to get hardware help from enlisted types, from time to time. I also had a sort of reporting chain through a military officer. The military knows that I was working in their lab, on their equipment and, to use a programmer's technical term, busting my ass.”

The voice asks me, “You didn't deal with people from your company's main plant?”

I sigh, “If I had to call the main plant, I had to beg the use of a military phone. Thus, I called the front desk receptionist, because I wanted to make sure that my call got through. I would then have the receptionist transfer me to Rick, usually to the Department Secretary, Rick's Secretary.



Jason Ryan is a hard working computer programmer. His boss calls him in and fires him, with no warning. Jason is then visited by a hot looking lady who has been videotaped during sex with her father. Jason manages to solve the lady's problem and his problem. In the process he tips over the first domino in a chain that will topple many businesses in town.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, sex video, blowjob, anal, corporate executives, interracial, whore, civil servants


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