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Daddy Daughter Pseudo-Incest Erotica

Title:  Deadly Seduction

Series:  N/A

Author: James Lucien

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  James Lucien

Language: English

Length:  6,610 Words

ISBN:  LC1100173

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3D Ebook Cover - Deadly Seduction - by James Lucien

Deadly Seduction


Marius accepts the invitation and hangs his crossbow off the back of the chair. As he is pulling out his seat, a voluptuous woman whisks into the dimly-lit room, carrying a stack of porcelain plates topped with silverware. He freezes in place, awed by her beauty. She is wearing a burgundy silk short-dress that hugs her curves tightly. Chocolate-cherry hair flows down her back, reaching her slim waist. Her sleek fair-skinned legs are bare. He guesses her age at thirty, though Ethanael is closer to his own age at fifty.

Ethanael introduces. “This is my lovely wife, Ruby.”

Setting down the table settings, she gives Marius an elegant curtsy but does not meet his gaze, keeping her eyes downcast in a submissive manner.

His voice comes out much louder than he intends. “Thank you for providing this meal. You’ll be safe under my care. I promise.”

She whispers with a velvet voice. “You’re welcome, Marius. I’m here to serve you in any way you necessitate.”

Marius glances at Ethanael, who nods timidly. He’s offering me his wife as additional payment! Do they truly have such a low opinion of magickians?

Lighting a match, Ruby leans forward over the table and ignites the nearest candle. As the wick catches flame her abundant cleavage is illuminated. She is wearing nothing underneath the thin fabric of her dress, as is revealed by the outline of her bantam nipples.

The crotch of Marius’ pants begins to tighten at once.

Transfixed, he watches as she saunters around the table, never looking up at him, and slides between the table and the chair he has pulled away. Striking another match, she reaches forward, bending over the table before him, the back of her dress riding up to give him a peek at the bottoms of her unclothed cheeks, round and firm.

The swelling bulge in his pants threatens to snap the zipper’s teeth.

Her match loses its flame as if extinguished by a breeze that he did not feel. She huffs in slight annoyance, her heart-shaped rump wiggling as she does. Leaning on her elbows to attempt to light another match, she shifts back and forth on her feet, her cheeks rising and falling opposite of each other with a most captivating charm.

The groin of his pants is visibly pulsating.

The candle lights but she remains stretched over the table, spine arched, rear propped. Reaching back a slender hand, she pulls up her dress, unveiling the totality of her perfect buttocks, and proceeds to roll her hips slow and lascivious.

Marius grits his teeth with vigorous need and the button on his pants pops off, thread left dangling.

Ruby purrs over her shoulder, eyes closed. “It’s rather rude to reject a host’s humble offering. Are you not aroused by what you see?”

He swallows hard and clears his throat. “It’s not a matter of arousal. This isn’t necessary. There’re children in the house. Please make yourself decent.”

Grasping her cheeks, she peels them apart, exposing her bud and flower. “Our daughters are tucked away. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure on their accord.”



Deadly Seduction is a supernatural-horror erotica novella. A nefarious tale of potent magick, incestuous lust, and mental domination. In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by undead, a master magickian hired to protect a family walks into a nest of seductive vampiresses unprepared for the enticing temptation that awaits him.

eBook TAGS    Daddy Daughter Pseudo-Incest, Mind Control, Virgin, oral sex, painful anal, rough sex, Vampires, Magic


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