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Father Daughter Incest Novels

Title:  Daddy's Strip Search

Series:  Bugtussel No.1

Author: Betty Beckett

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  30,226 Words

ISBN:  9781476085708

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Daddy's Strip Search


"Hold it, Daddy! Stop here. Pull the car over, will ya."

"Wha — wha — what's up?"

"I want to go over to that sheriff's office and turn you in, you pervert. I need to report your disgusting behavior in the motel room this morning with me. I need to tell the sheriff how my Daddy put his tongue in my pussy and ate me out for an hour and then made me suck on his cheesy cock until he squirted into my innocent young mouth. And then I want to tell him how you stuck that ugly old horse cock into my — hold it, Dad! There's one coming around the corner. Just right for you — she can't be more than a few days older than jailbait."

William's head swiveled in the direction Lizzy indicated. The young school girl certainly was slender and pretty. Her hair flowed straight and black and fell down below her shoulders. She held her school books close to her chest. Her mini-dress stopped at mid-thigh and she wore white knee-highs. She turned onto Main Street with a purposeful and athletic stride. What anyone would notice first about her, however, were her eyes. They were a velvety black and seemed almost too large for her face. To William, they seemed like the eyes of a doe.

"Oh, she's a pretty little one, Daddy dear. You'd like to do it with her, wouldn't you, you revolting pervert," she teased with a grin, forgetting her shock at how retro the entire southern town seemed. "Just look at how she swings that adorable little ass... almost like, she knows you're looking at her. You'd like to stand behind her and press your big daddy-sized cock between her little buns, wouldn't you, you filthy old man. Are you getting hard, Daddy? Lemme feel it."

Lizzy put her hand into her father's lap. She groped around. She couldn't feel much through his heavy pants and jockey shorts.

"Where is it? C'mon Daddy, I know it's in there. Where you hiding it? Ah-h-h-h, there it is. There's your miserable little worm."

Lizzy ran her fingers down the lengthening cock and then back again. Back and forth, lightly her fingers stroked him. He began to feel a little something as a result of her attentions. His cock lurched under her touch. She knew she was getting somewhere. She could feel it. She began to croon to the lengthening stalk as it stretched down his leg.

"Pretty cock. Beautiful, beautiful cock that Daddy likes to put inside little Lizzy's hot mouth. Lovely cock that Daddy likes Lizzy to suck on and lick and kiss; and that he jams in Lizzy's throat until she almost chokes. Sweet and sour cock that spits all over Lizzy's face until she's drenched with Daddy's little baby-stuff and it runs down her neck."

William gave a cry and tore at his belt with excited fingers. He stripped his zipper all the way down and ripped his jockey shorts aside. His throbbing cock stood out from his crotch as he thrust his hips forward. It bobbed up and down with the excitement of the moment.

"Owr-rh... owr-r-rh," he growled. His voice surprised even him. "Owr-r-rh, you sweet slut. You darling pussy. You fuck-mouth. You sucking bitch. You horny twat. You baby-cunt. You sweet cock sucker. Oh. Oh. OOOoooo."

Lizzy knew she had Daddy by the balls in more ways than one when he started calling her dirty names. He always did that when his excitement carried him almost beyond control. This was no ordinary passion. This was close to a total frenzy, and she loved knowing that she caused it entirely. She loved arousing Daddy to this peak.

The Lexus was weaving out of its lane running down Main Street, so he pulled over to the curb and killed the motor. Lizzy moved across the seat and began jerking him off.

"Look at that pretty girl now, Daddy. I bet she's barely past jailbait...



Lizzy helps Daddy troll the small southern town of Bugtussel, looking for barely legal young girl virgins. When the sneaky local sheriff catches Lizzy in a compromising position with Daddy in hand, it triggers a seriously hot sequence of erotic escapades with Daddy learning... and practicing, the particulars of conducting strip-searches on pretty young virgins. Is Lizzy jealous?

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Barely Legal Lesbian Girls, Female on Female Sex, Anal Sex, Golden Showers, Virgin Menage, Group Sex


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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