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Father Daughter Incest Novels

Title:  Daddy's Sleeping Partner

Series:  N/A

Author: Lady Calandra

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  68,693 Words

ISBN:  9781476121512

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Daddy's Sleeping Partner


"I know who it was." Carla sighed enviously. "There's only one man I've met recently who has a voice like that. He's gorgeous, Julia. Utterly drop-dead gorgeous."

"It's not what you think," Julia said hastily. "Really."

"No?" Carla opened her baby-blue eyes wider and gave a Marilyn Monroe pout. "Then, make it what I'm thinking, Julia. This is one hunk you just can't let escape. They don't come gift-wrapped like him but once in a lifetime. Ignore the fact that he's your father... you don't let anyone else as close, so you might as well go for it with him."

It was a toss-up who was surprised more when Julia burst into tears in the next moment, but the maternal side of Carla came immediately to the fore and Julia was bustled upstairs for tea and chocolate chip cookies—Carla's answer to all of life's emergencies. Especially the two-legged kind.

Just how she came to be telling Carla the whole story, Julia didn't know, but over the next twenty minutes it all spilled out; from the time she was twelve years old and captivated by her dark, sleek Adonis father, to the present day. Even the episode when she was sixteen didn't seem so hard to talk about with Carla's arm about her shoulders and her sympathy flowing in waves.

"I knew there was someone." Carla gave her a big hug when she finished talking, passing her another tissue as she did so.

"How?" Julia sniffed mournfully. "How did you know?"

"Because when a woman looks like you do and gives the brush off to every man in sight, it has to mean someone in the past has done a good job on her heart," Carla said with all the wisdom of her twenty-nine years. "And he did, didn't he?"

"It—it was my fault." She didn't know why she had to defend Father, but somehow she did. "I threw myself at him."

"Oh, come on, Julia." Carla was scathing. "You were sweet sixteen and never been kissed, and he was your father and pretty experienced, I bet. He was a rat!"

She didn't want Carla to hate Father, but it did feel good to have someone so totally on her side. Julia found she felt a bit better.

"Why didn't you say anything before?" Carla asked with a touch of amazement. "We've been friends forever." And then she answered herself immediately with, "But you aren't like me, are you? You've always been a deep one, Julia, and never one to wear your heart on your sleeve."

"Oh, Carla." Julia stared at the other girl forlornly.

"Which means you're playing with fire now." Carla looked at her unhappily. "I think I better make another cup of tea."

They didn't get much work done that morning but Julia found that by telling someone the whole miserable story a great weight had lifted off her heart. It hadn't changed her predicament, but in admitting her true feelings for Father out loud to another human being, some of the shame and humiliation of the past was gone. This was life—not always nice and certainly not always fair or tidy, but she was one of millions of mortals who made mistakes and loved where they should not.



Julia never should have tried seducing her handsome, charismatic father. She'd never forgotten, or forgiven, his brutal rejection. And even though she desperately needed money to expand her business, she refused to ask for his financial help. But he had other ideas. When he offered to be her 'sleeping partner,' passionate dreams began to haunt her, promising exquisite pleasure in his strong arms.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Incestuous Pregnancy, Illicit Romance, Compromised Moral Standards, Trading Sex


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