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eBook TAGS    Cousins Incest, Lesbian Sex, Pregnant, Cunnilingus, Masturbation, True Story, Kissing Cousin Lesbian Romance

Kissing Cousin Lesbian Erotica

Title:  Curious Cousin

Series:  N/A

Author: Kaye Bee

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,643 Words

ISBN:  LC1475007

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3D Ebook Cover - Curious Cousin - by Kaye Bee

Curious Cousin


I waited a few tense seconds, then without a word I opened my legs. Stacy looked up at me with a hopeful sparkle in her eye, not yet daring to believe it was happening. I smiled lovingly at her excited innocence and simply nodded.

Her expression was a mix of eagerness and fear. It was obvious she’d never been with a woman sexually before. I sometimes forgot that everyone wasn’t like me in that respect. It made the situation even more exhilarating knowing that I would be her first.

“You’re sure about this?” I asked to give her a chance to back out if the reality of it wasn’t matching up to her fantasy.

“I am, it’s just that I’m not sure what I should do, exactly.”

“Well, you masturbate yourself, don’t you?”

“Too much, it seems sometimes.”

“Just do to me what feels good to you.”

Stacy nodded and moved between my legs. I was expecting her to reach down from where she was, but I liked her idea better. She was lying on her stomach, her sweet face up close to my pussy, and it was all I could do to keep from pushing myself up against her mouth.

I felt her fingers up high, combing uncertainly through my thick bush of hair. I was dying for her to touch my throbbing clit, or jam her fingers into me, but I measured my breathing and let her go at her own speed. I wanted her to be comfortable and make this as positive an experience as I could for her.

Stacy’s fingernails traced down the creases at the insides of my thighs. The girl had no idea how worked up she was getting me. I sighed with anticipation as her finger finally found my slit. Her soft touch slid up to the top, passing briefly above my straining clit, then back down to where the juices were already leaking from me. Her delicate touch made several more traverses along the contours of my outer labia.

“Is this okay so far?” Stacy asked in a meek voice.

“Just perfect, sweetie.”



Julie is eight months pregnant and her husband is away on a job. Stacy, her sexy younger cousin comes to stay and help out around the house. When Stacy has to help Julie in the bath, things begin to heat up. Julie has been with her share of women, but her perky cousin hasn’t. It soon becomes clear that Stacy had more in mind that helping out with the cooking and cleaning. Julie is more than happy to share herself with her curious cousin.

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