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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Corporate Sex Slaves

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  60,542 Words

ISBN:  LC1100211

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3D Ebook Cover - Corporate Sex Slaves - by R. Richard

Corporate Sex Slaves


Gary says, “There will be a meeting tonight, involving myself and Gina, you and Jill and Ron and his daughter Regina.  We'll meet at my house.  The activities will, of necessity, be much like what happened with Billy and Betty.  I’m not asking anything of you and Jill that I don’t ask of myself and Gina.  Am I clear?”

I realize that upper management knows what Billy demanded of Jill and me.  Now it appears that upper management is going to make the same demands.  With a sinking feeling I say, “Very clear.  However, Billy has me assigned tonight to work the twenty-five hour test for the new Alpha system.”

Gary says, “I’ll tell Billy to get someone else.  If you and Jill demonstrate a commitment to the company tonight, you'll have Billy’s job tomorrow.  Is that clear?”

I’m confused.  Upper management knows what happened with Billy, Betty, Jill and me.  I’m not too surprised that they found out.  Billy probably bragged about the matter to his secretary.  Hell, Billy has been trying for some time to get into his secretary’s panties.  He would want her to know about what happened with Jill, perhaps to frighten her into also doing what he wants.

Now the company is demanding more of the same thing that Billy wanted, but they're also telling me that Billy screwed up again and he’s gone.  I manage to say, “Very clear.”

Gary then tells me one more thing.  He says, “What I’m asking of you is a company matter.  What Billy did was a personal matter.  The company doesn’t tolerate that sort of handling of personal matters.  One way or another, Billy is gone.”

We wrap up the meeting.  I walk out of Gary's office.  I’m both elated and stunned.

Billy forced Jill and me to swap partners.  What he did was wrong and he’s now getting what he has coming.

However, the matter of the SuperScience management wives and daughters is somewhat different.  Gina is Gary’s trophy wife.  She’s one hot looking babe and was at least some sort of minor film star.  If Gary is willing to hire out his wife, SS is indeed in big trouble.

Even more shocking is the news about Regina.  Regina is Ron’s only child.  She’s brilliant and has been in college since she was seventeen-years-old.  She’s very attractive and also has the kind of young look that only an eighteen-year-old girl can have.  If Ron is having Regina screw customers, SS is in really desperate straits.  It's one thing to have your wife screw customers but it's another thing entirely to have your young daughter screw customers.

I stagger home to find Jill once again waiting for me.  She says, “I have just finished talking to Gary’s wife on the telephone.”

“Then you have heard the latest news?”



Jim gets a high pay job. Then he finds out that he and his wife have to have sex with customers, or the company goes under. Jill, his wife is willing; maybe too willing. One sex party leads to others. Things descend into sexual chaos and betrayal.

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eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Forced Group sex, nudity, whore, pimp, lesbian, interracial, blow job, gangbang

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