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Vintage Incest Erotica of the Victorian Era published anonymously in 1900.

Title:  The Confessions of Lady Beatrice

Author: Anonymous

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Edited by:  Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Lot's Cave Edition Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  56,517 Words

ISBN:  LC1004

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3D Ebook Cover - The Confessions of Lady Beatrice, by Anonymous

The Confessions of Lady Beatrice


A sound beyond. The whip fell. My face rustled in its hiding in the pillow. My uncle entered. I knew his steps, the heavy footsteps falling. I struggled at my straps. My hips weaved. My eyes closed, opened, closed. The bed sagged between my legs—my legs splayed wide.

"No, Uncle, No!"

"Be quiet, Beatrice!" Her hand stroked my hair. "Slap her hard, Thomas, if she wriggles. She must learn!"

I gargled, gurgled, squealed. Thong-kissed, my cheeks were parted. The knob of his wicked nosed against my O, the puckered rim. Hands clasped my hips and stilled their wayward motions. The rim yielded. I received an inch of throbbing shaft. I endeavored to tighten. Too late. The piston pistoned. Half his cock was sheathed.

"How tight she grips!" he groaned. Subtle and smooth he urged it more within. "What a bottom of glory—hot hot, how clinging! Your tongue, Maude!"

I heard their lips, the licking. Her hand slipped beneath my belly, fondled the lips of my vagina and parted them, seeking my clit. I bucked.

The movement allowed my uncle's prick to bury itself farther. Their lips sucked apart. I moaned in my writhing, in his steely grip.

"Aaaaah!" I gasped, my breath expelled. Without warning he had lodged it full within. The long thick prick throbbed deep within my bottom. Leaning over me, his palms cupped my swaying breasts.

My aunt moved back, forcing her way beneath me where I knelt. My head swam. My moistening anus held its velvet grip. Half-emerging, his tool sheathed itself to the full again, emerged, and then repeated the gesture. Sparks sprinkled in my belly. My hot cheeks churned against his form.

Aunt Maude drew my mouth down upon her own.

"Move your bottom, Beatrice—move it on his cock."

I blubbered in her mouth. Her tongue lapped my seepings. Moving more easily now his stiff penis commenced its majestic indriving. I jolted with his jolts. A sharp tingling sweetness in my slit increased.

"Move your bottom—you are on the rocking horse—pretend."

Coarse in her excitement, my aunt clasped my cheeks. Our mouths were sucking sponges together. I lapped as greedily as she. I moved my hips. An insensate lust seized me to feel his spurting. Lewdly I churned my bottom, drawing hoarse cries of delight from my uncle whose cock pistoned me ever faster. His hands caressed my stockinged thighs. They joined with my aunt's in fondling my breasts.


In my aunt's mouth, I moaned my lostness.



Lady Beatrice's father travels to Europe for over a year, leaving Beatrice and her sister under the care of her naughty Aunt and perverted Uncle, who introduce the innocent Beatrice and her shy sister into the world of spanking and BDSM. A brutal, sensual tale of raw lust, incest, and perversion.Men looked at their breasts and buttocks. Their eyes fanned Caroline's curves. The high heels made them walked awkwardly, stiffly. The cheeks of our bottoms rolled. To the one blank wall farthest from the doors, Jenny led us, a hand on each of our elbows. There were clamps, chains, bands of leather. Caroline first. Her legs were splayed, her ankles fastened. Her arms above her head. – A brutal, sensual tale of raw lust and certain perversions.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Sister Sister Incest, Uncle Sex with Niece, Lesbian Incest with Auntie, BDSM, Domination & Submission, Spanking, Vintage Victorian Erotica, Menage, Group Sex


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