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Seven Tales of Incest & Taboo Sex

Title:  The Collected "Greene Shorts"

Series:  Volume 1

Author: Esmeralda Greene

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  42,977 Words

ISBN:  LC1100066

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3D Ebook Cover - The Collected "Greene Shorts" - Volume 1 - by Esmeralda Greene

The Collected "Greene Shorts"


“Last one in is a pussy!” Cheryl called over her shoulder. She was running down the pier, unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it off as she went. She had nothing on underneath it, and my eyebrows snapped up as I realized I was going to see my sister naked again for the first time in almost fifteen years.

She sat down on the dock to take off her boots. Her tits looked great: tight and round like they were when she was young, but quite a bit bigger now. They jiggled and swayed beautifully as she curled up and tugged her boots off. Her pants came off next, and she had nothing on under them, either. Her body was an even honey brown, with no trace of tan lines, and her pubic hair was almost as light as the hair on her head. “Jesus,” I whispered to myself as she dove neatly into the water, her hard, round, perfect ass momentarily the uppermost part of her body.

“Pussy!” Cheryl called out to me when her head broke the surface again. She floated on her back and arched her pelvis upward so that her belly and cunt were above the water. She was giving me a visual aid to accompany the word 'pussy', I realized. “Come on, you pussy!” Her voice echoed across the lake. I shucked my clothes and dove in after her, not feeling or looking much at all like a pussy.

The water was icy cold, and jumping into it was like a whole-body electric shock. But once that initial jolt had passed it felt wonderfully invigorating. We splashed around for a while. I spent most of the time ogling her tits. They were doubly round and tight in the cold water, covered with goose bumps and her big nipples were rigidly erect. She dove under water at one point, coming up behind me and grabbing my butt. After about a half hour we climbed out onto the dock, shivering and laughing.

“See?” Cheryl said, looking down at my crotch. “I told you a swim would wake you up and make you feel good.”

I didn't know this before, but the cock-shrinking effect of cold water doesn't work if you have a hard-on. You learn something new every day.

We got dressed, though Cheryl didn't button her flannel shirt. Back at the house, she clomped around in her boots, making supper. We chatted some more and sipped at the wine I'd brought. As the sun was setting, she lit a fire in the fireplace, her tits swinging loosely as she bent over. We had a terrific dinner lit by candles and gaslights, and then we sat in overstuffed chairs in front of the fire. Cheryl pulled her boots off and relaxed back in her chair, flipping her shirt away from her tits and running her hands over them.

“This place is really beautiful,” I said, staring at her boobs.

“I'm glad you like them—I mean it,” she said, giggling. The sound of that giggle gave me a dizzying flashback to a long time ago, when we were in our teens.



This volume contains seven sizzling hot, taboo-busting erotic stories by Esmeralda Greene. Topics include incest, bestiality, lactation, and other kinks. In the days before Amazon censored their self-published erotica, this volume was a top-10 erotica best seller. The story titles are: “Mother's Milk,” “Mounted,” “Liquid Fetish,” “Humiliation,” “Mindy's Family,” “Mom's Girlfriend,” and “Sis's Horse Farm.”

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Brother Sister Incest, Hucow Lactation, Bestiality, Semen Fetish


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