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Family Incest Romance Novels

Title:  Close for Comfort Anthology

Series:  Complete 5-Book Series + Bonus

Author: Tristan Sparrow

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  117,588 Words

ISBN:  9781311592873

Available as an eBook in these standard reading formats:

PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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Special EuroMark Price:  $19.95

3D Ebook Cover - Close for Comfort Anthology, by Tristan Sparrow

Close for Comfort Anthology

eBook Synopsis

“The Storm” concerns Tristan Sparrow who has always been close to his little sister, but a winter storm brings the two even closer and serves as the romantic backdrop for confessions and passion.

In “The Pianist,” Robert and Melissa de Martel have beauty, brains and bucks. When tragedy orphans them, they only have each other. Melissa, preparing for her début piano concert, deflowers her beloved 18-year-old little brother, finding him a godlike lover.

Shy Tim falls for his glamorous older sister. It’s far more than he bargained for! In “The Charm,” Sister Sheridan introduces him to the sensual, savage world of an ancient race of immortals with all the abilities of vampirism and witchcraft combined. While fighting an evil senator who may destroy both them and the planet, they fall deeply in love. Can they save the world in time?

In “The Ghost,” schoolteacher Rebecca is lost without her late twin brother. Becca pines, pleading with God to bring him back. Can magic reunite them? “The Ghost” is a sweeping, passionate tale that will have you by turns weeping, aroused and laughing for joy.

In “The Dance,” a widower finds the love of his life in his daughter and her best friend. These busty beauties coax him back to life, love and lust.

In “The Birds,” Zap! Pow! Fuck! Holy hooters, Batman! The Caped Crusaders' adventures were never like this; fighting crime was never so sexy! Thanks to chemist mom's secret formula, Chris and Cassidy Wren become Blue Jay and Chickadee - endowed with superpowers including big muscles and big breasts. But when they cross paths with a seeming supervillainess, can they survive the peril they're placed in?

This Includes Tristan Sparrow’s entire ‘Close for Comfort’ series listed here:

Bonus Book: The Birds       Book 1, The Storm       Book 2, The Pianist     

Book 3, The Charm             Book 4, The Ghost       Book 5, The Dance

eBook Excerpt

“You’re always thinking of me,” said Emmy, kissing my daughter. “Thank you, sis!”

Presently, Emmy lay on the bed before me, and I was ready at the entrance to her womb. As she had promised, Alice grabbed my cock and began teasing Emmy’s clitoris with it.

“You know all about—”

“Yes, Allie. For Christ’s sake, you’ve told me a dozen times already. Just shut up and let your dad fuck me!”

“Naughty girl,” said Alice, slightly slapping Emmy’s face. “Just for that, you have to wait.”

And she bent and kissed Emmy, who moaned helplessly into Alice’s mouth. My daughter continued kissing her friend, a most sensuous and passionate kiss, almost as if she were trying to suffocate the little girl. At last, they parted, an enormous string of saliva connecting them.

“Mmm-ah-Alice!” Emmy gasped.

“You’re a nasty, little girl,” Alice hissed. “And you know what happens to nasty, little girls, don’t you? They get punished!”

And with that, Alice bent down and took Emmy’s clitoris into her mouth.

“Aaahhh! Allie! Allleeee!”

She sucked on the tiny girl’s tiny pussy, pulling the clit into her mouth. She then sucked on the labia, moving her tongue round the outer edges as she teased Emmy with my cock.

“Allie! Please! I can’t stand it! I’m—I’m gonna—you’re gonna make me—come! Ah! Aaahhhh! Allie, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Emmy moaned and writhed beneath me, and she lifted her haunches off the bed.

“Now, Daddy!” Alice shouted.

And she moved my cock inside her friend. I felt a bit of resistance, then backed up.

“Take her!” Alice shouted again. “Pop her cherry, Daddy!”

“Oooh, yes, Dr Kassel! Thomas—Daddy…Fuck me! Make me a woman! Make me yours!”

I thrust home again, harder this time. And all at once, I felt something pop, like a membrane breaking, just as I had done with Alice, months earlier, and I knew Emmy’s hymen was no more.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Daddeeeeeeeeeee!”



Close for Comfort is 6 stand-alone stories—3 paranormal romances: “The Charm,” “The Ghost” and “The Dance” and 3 straight-up erotic fiction: “The Birds,” “The Storm” and “The Pianist.” We meet 12 unique protagonists—strong heroines and manly heroes—all deeply and happily caught in bonds of incestuous true love. Passionate romance, conflict, exposition and steamy, protracted scenes of explicit sex.

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eBook TAGS     Brother Sister Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Mother Son Lovers, Twincest, Supernatural Vampires, Erotic Paranormal Ghosts

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