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Brother Sister Incest Erotica Short

Title:  Claimed!

Series:  Incest Tales No.5

Author: Lily Weidner

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,388Words

ISBN:  LC1200090

Available as an eBook in these standard reading formats:

PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Claimed! - Incest Tales No.6 - by Lily Weidner



A moan escaped Lola before she could stop the outburst. The sensation of her brotherís cock pressing against her skirt was unmistakable. For a moment, her need for physical attention won out. Her hips ground down against his firm bulge dampening her panties with arousal. Pressed between her brother and the outdoor table, Lola suddenly jerked forward. Attempting to push her brotherís hand away, she found his grip forcefully pulling her back to him. ďNo donít. This isnít funny. You shouldnít be touching me like this.Ē

Wrapping his arm up around his sisterís waist, Robert simply held her there. He could feel the tension in his sisterís body. Each breath she took made her chest swell, delightfully displaying more of her supple breasts. Tempted to stimulate those lusciously pronounced nipples, Robert restrained himself. Instead, he smirked as his sister melded back against him. ďYouíre horny arenít you sis?Ē

Lola blushed, a sudden surge of heat pooling between her legs. As her cheeks burned with embarrassment, she tried to dismiss her brotherís question as nothing more than a teasing jest. Still, she found her knees weak. Forced to use her brotherís body as a support, Lolaís voice faltered. The warm flood between her legs prompted her thighs to close tightly together, only accentuating the large bulge pressing against her backside. Stumbling over her words, Lola nodded.

ďThen close your eyes.Ē Robertís gruff voice reached out to his sister, playing with the sensitive skin of her neck.

With her brotherís hot breath causing a shiver to run through her, Lola closed her eyes. As her heart raced faster, she tried to escape the sense of vulnerability getting the best of her. Despite the wave of nervousness, Lola surrendered to the desire woven into her brotherís voice. ďWhat do you want, Robert?Ē

The words sounded sweet, so tender that he knew his sister wanted relief with him. Robert let his hands run down his sisterís stomach, as he pressed his hard cock insistently against her. Brushing strands of hair away from his sisterís neck, he kissed along the sensitive skin. At first he felt the tension in his sisterís body return, but Robert soon dismissed this by pure distraction. Intent on having her relax, Robert groaned in her ear. ďI want to watch you cum just for me sis.Ē



Lola canít help teasing her older brother, heís just too hot to resist. When Robert decides to turn the tables, the taboo punishment he has in mind exposes more than ever imagined. Now these naughty siblings canít help but satisfy the others need for taboo sex. With their forbidden incest fantasies coming to light, will this brother and sister discover their game for control leads to much more?

eBook TAGS   Brother sister incest, taboo sibling sex, handsome older brother, naughty little sister, secret family submission, domination & control, outdoor forbidden fantasy


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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