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Brother Sister Erotic Incest Novels

Title:  Christmas Candy

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  9,180 Words

ISBN:  9781311659613

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3D Ebook Cover - Christmas Candy - by Amicus

Christmas Candy



Three guys, three girls, Candy is pressed up against a wall, a guy has his leg between hers, one hand over her mouth and the other massaging her breast. Double shit! Triple! Three fucking guys?

As I started running I noticed that all three had their backs to me, molesting the girls. I’m tall and slender, like my sister, but I carry about a hundred and eighty pounds and I know how to use it.

The first guy, nondescript in the dim light, never had a chance, as hard as I could I slammed the butt of my right hand into his temple. Candy’s eyes went wide as he went down.

The next one pulled back from the girl just enough, so I kicked him in the nuts and he went down. The third one, a skinny looking greaser, took off running.

“Oh, Jesus, Christ, I was so hoping you would come looking for me!”

“Are you all right?” I glanced at the other girls who are hugging each other and crying. “You guys?”

“We’re, okay.”

“Yeah, thanks, Chris, we love you!”

Candy and I had hugged before, usually at a family gathering, around other people, but not often alone, in the dark, as Mindy and Tammy slowly walked away.

And not like this. She clung and sobbed and I pulled her tight against me.



It’s almost Christmas when blond, willowy Candy attends her brother’s basketball game. Afterwards she is accosted and the person she’s always turned to comes to her rescue. Deep inside, she experiences more than relief when her brother throws his arms around her. It’s more than her prayers that get answered when unexpressed emotions surface and they both can’t wait to get home to explore them.

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eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Lovers, First Time Sex, Saved from Molestation, Christmas Ornaments, Decorating the Tree, Icicles, College Basketball Athlete

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