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Cheating Slut Wife Erotica

Title:  Cheating On My Husband While Seduced

Series:  Naughty Housewife Erotica No.5

Author: Sherri Roberts

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Language:  English

Length:  5,564 Words

ISBN:  LC5400026

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3D Ebook Cover - Cheating On My Husband While Seduced - Naughty Housewife Erotica No.5 - by Sherri Roberts

Cheating On My Husband While Seduced


On multiple occasions, I had caught my husband bragging about our sexual exploits to his friends. He must have found the personal disclosures too arousing to resist.

Donít get me wrong, I didnít particularly mind this at all. With my larger than average breasts, long slender legs, and a firm fleshy ass, I knew it was only natural that my husbandís friends snuck peeks at me now and then. Their glances were harmless enough and it felt good to be desired. But then, over time, the dynamic began to change.

His friends slowly became more daring in their pursuit of a quick peek. To my amazement, my husband only seemed to grow more excited by this. As I recounted the details to him, his cock would grow hard leaving a pronounced bulge in his pajama bottoms.

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I delighted in this disconcerting game between my husband and his friends.

I suppose itís only natural then that the boundaries between us all became immeasurably blurred. A part of me wanted another manís cock. My husband seemed to crave it too only adding to the conflicted pull of arousal I felt. Up until then Iíd always been a loyal wife, one that never imagined yearning for another manís thick cock to stretch and fill the tight walls of my cunt. The kinky impulse was embarrassing, and I blushed like a schoolgirl whenever my husband shot me a knowing look.



Over the years, my husband and I had grown quite adventurous. Donít get me wrong, we werenít usually so kinky. But, lately, my husband canít stop fantasizing about giving me to his friends. The naughty thought is appealing to say the least, but how could I go through with it? Could I really cheat on my husband and allow us both some discreet satisfaction like never before?

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