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Cheating Slut Wife Erotica

Title:  Cheating On My Husband While He Submits

Series:  Naughty Housewife Erotica No.4

Author: Sherri Roberts

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Length:  5,510 Words

ISBN:  LC5400025

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3D Ebook Cover - Cheating On My Husband While He Submits - Naughty Housewife Erotica No.4 - by Sherri Roberts

Cheating On My Husband While He Submits


See, I usually made sure my husband was always out of the house or at work when I invited other men over. I wanted to be discreet, I really did. However, my husband had come home from work unexpectedly and found me in bed with another. To my surprise, he just stood there in the doorway watching. I couldnít believe how hard he got just from standing there! Thatís when I finally understood why my husband didnít object. He was curious, intrigued by dominate men.

Once I knew this I was determined to find a man who would suit my husbandís needs to submit as well as my own. Luckily, one of my previous acquaintances was happy to oblige. He and my husband had exchanged conversation a few times getting along well enough. My husband then, thought nothing strange of extending him an invitation to join us for dinner.

Sitting at the table with this man and my husband, knowing what was about to happen, made my cunt throb. My panties became soaked halfway through our meal making it impossible not to squirm. This brought a knowing smile to my friendís lips. He could tell I was aroused, hot and wet with anticipation, and I suspected he was hard and straining against his pants. God, he had such large one too! I couldnít wait to see my husbandís face when he found out. As I tried not to dwell too much on that itch building deep within my wet folds, I noticed my friend rise from his spot at the table. No one was interested in putting off the inevitable any longer.

The three of us made our way toward the bedroom, the tension building as we entered the room. My friend couldnít wait to touch me again. Taking control of the situation, he let his hands wander over my body. As he gripped my round butt, pressing his bulge into my hips, my friend bent down whispering in my ear as he caressed my fleshy ass.



At times, I never could understand why my husband liked watching me with other men. He loved everything about the dynamics involved, and then, I finally caught on. My curious husband was living vicariously through me! As his loving wife, I canít let that fantasy go by unnoticed now can I? Tonight, my submissive husband is going to find himself submitting to a real stud!

eBook TAGS    Cheating slut wife, alpha male sex, naughty housewife erotica, submissive pathetic husband, big cock breeding, bisexual male fantasy, horny well-endowed friend


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