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Cheating Slut Wife Erotica

Title:  Cheating On My Husband While Unprotected

Series:  Naughty Housewife Erotica No.3

Author: Sherri Roberts

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Length:  5,888 Words

ISBN:  LC5400024

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3D Ebook Cover - Cheating On My Husband While Unprotected - Naughty Housewife Erotica No.3 - by Sherri Roberts

Cheating On My Husband While Unprotected


There were times my husband caught my eyes wandering. I couldnít help it. A part of me did feel guilty for noticing other men, as my husband and I were quite satisfied with our sex life, but he seemed to enjoy the fantasy of being cheating on.

I never realized how deep my husbandís fantasy went until he decided to act on my natural impulses. See, lately, my eyes had been drawn to a friend of his crashing on our couch for a while. God, he was just too handsome not to notice!

Heíd been living with us for a couple weeks, and even in that short time his presence had become a delightful little temptation. My husband really enjoyed the thought of his friend having sex with me. There was just something so sensual about the idea, being cheated on by his wife and best friend. The mere thought was enough to make my husband stimulate orgasm after orgasm. I had known my cries were loud, louder than was usual, but I never anticipated my husbandís friend hearing us. Turns out, my husband intended to make our fantasy a reality. And, the best part was he didnít even tell me!

One morning, my husbandís friend sauntered into the kitchen. He always had a way of drawing attention to himself. Today was no exception, and I couldnít help but notice he was somewhat erect with the new day. I must admit, I stared at the large bulge in his sleep pants a little longer than I should have. My husbandís friend was just so built!



There were times my husband caught my eyes wandering to his best friend. The three of us had been living together for a couple weeksóand his friend had me fantasizing the worst things! To my surprise, my husband enjoyed the idea of me cheating on him with his best friend. Making this fantasy a reality took me by surprise, but how could I resist such a natural impulse for his well-endowed friend?

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