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Cheating Slut Wife Erotica

Title:  Cheating On My Husband While Fertile

Series:  Naughty Housewife Erotica No.2

Author: Sherri Roberts

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Length:  5,468 Words

ISBN:  LC5400023

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3D Ebook Cover - Cheating On My Husband While Fertile - Naughty Housewife Erotica No.2 - by Sherri Roberts

Cheating On My Husband While Fertile


After work, my husband and his boss found me waiting for them in the living room. To my amazement, the man wasted no time in taking control of the situation. As my husband settled in a chair, his boss turned his attentions to me.

“Come over here, slut.” The man’s voice filled the room making the warmth between my legs turn into a liquid fire.

“Slut? Do you really think I’m going to let you treat me like—” I tried to argue with him, desperate to keep my impulses under control while my husband remained in the room.

“I said get over here; you hot little slut!”

“Y-yes, Sir.” Without looking at my husband, I sunk down to the hardwood floor in slight humiliation. Somehow I managed to crawl over to him, coming to rest at his feet. For years I’d resisted the idea that a woman needed to know her place. Even so, I suddenly felt an immense pleasure from being half-naked at this domineering man’s feet. It seemed so instinctual, a woman submitting to such a strong man this way.

“That’s better.” His hand soon wandered down to my long hair, caressing my flushed cheek. I didn’t want to savor his gentle touch, and yet I let out a soft purr. My husband’s boss smirked at the sound. Then, without warning, he grabbed me roughly by the hair holding me in place. The way he controlled me with such a simple gesture pulled another moan from my mouth, as his rough voice filled the deadened living room.

“You really are a hot slut, aren’t you? A disloyal little wife that needs more than husband!”

“Yes. Yes, Sir. I can’t help it! He loves watching me with someone else.”

“Oh but you like it too, don’t you?”



My husband’s boss was a real take charge kind of guy, one with a filthy side to him. He always liked staring at me, making no excuses for the way he behaved. When my husband needed that promotion at work, his boss new what he wanted to sweeten the deal! Now, I’m going to cheat on my husband with his own boss while he watches the two of us… and I’m fertile! Will my husband’s boss impregnate me?

eBook TAGS    Cheating slut wife, alpha male sex, naughty housewife erotica, submissive adventurous husband, , big cock breeding, fertile unprotected sex, horny well-endowed boss


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