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Cheating Slut Wife Erotica

Title:  Cheating On My Husband While He Watched

Series:  Naughty Housewife Erotica No.1

Author: Sherri Roberts

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Length:  5,308 Words

ISBN:  LC5400022

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3D Ebook Cover - Cheating On My Husband While He Watched - Naughty Housewife Erotica No.1 - by Sherri Roberts

Cheating On My Husband While He Watched


“Shhh! We don’t want to wake up your husband, now do we?” He whispered, his breath hot as his lips wandered to my ear.

“No, please! This is wrong; it isn’t—” His firm hand returned to cover my mouth then, silencing any further protest. All resistance was absolutely futile.

With his other hand, he pushed up the sheer nightgown covering my milky skin. Exposing my large breasts to the room’s cool air, all I was able to manage was a small desperate whimper as his hand pawed at the suppleness of my generous tits. Finding my swelling nipples, he then pinched the puffy pink buds between his fingertips.

“That’s it, slut. Show my big cock how much you love it when it’s good and hard.”

His breathy words taunted me, awakening a part of my body I’d come to loath. I hated him calling me nasty things like a slut; I wanted him to call me his little slut! Instinctively pressing my firm ass back against the large bulge of my perpetrator’s cock, an appreciative noise left his mouth. How could I help it? Those husky little noises only prolonged my rising torment, causing him to tug harder at my now reddened nipples.

“Mmm, admit it you’re just a dirty little whore. This devoted little wife crap is just an act. I know better! I know you’re an unfaithful little slut—I bet you even like it rough. Does my disloyal little slut want a rough fuck?”



A part of me had always been intrigued by husband’s best friend. He was a real man, the kind that knew how to take control. One night, I think he finally figured out why I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Nothing could stop him from crawling into my marital bed then, especially while my husband slept beside me! Now my husband’s best friend intends to take me hard. All while my husband watches!

eBook TAGS    Cheating slut wife, alpha male sex, naughty housewife erotica, submissive husband, big cock breeding, unprotected anal sex, horny best friend


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