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Cheating Hotwife Erotica

Title:  His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male Seduction

Series:  Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.5

Author: Evey Veda

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Length:  5,953 Words

ISBN:  LC5400027

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3D Ebook Cover - His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male Seduction - Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.5 - by Evey Veda

His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male Seduction


After years of marriage, I admit, I found myself admiring my husbandís friends on occasion. They were a close knit bunch discussing any and everything together. It was strange sitting there with them and becoming privy to information I probably shouldnít have known.

I know how awful it must sound, but I loved hearing the dirty details of their sex lives. Whenever my husband and his friends talked about the depraved lengths women were willing to go to, I admit, it was surprisingly arousing. Donít get me wrong, I wasnít a naturally kinky person. I just had an unusually high sex drive, one that often led to a certain kind of openness as far sex was concerned. My husband however, wasnít so free. To put it bluntly, my husband was a prude.

For a man lacking any sort of imagination, my husband was still very human. He had his weaknesses, and I found one in particular quite thrilling. See, my husband had caught his friends staring at my large supple breast and firm ass on more than one occasion. And to my amazement, he seemed intrigued by their interest in me.

No matter how harmless his friendís flirting may have been, it drove my husband crazy. To my surprise, the kink turned out to be a major fetish for him.

Every time his friends got a quick peek up my skirt, or down my low cut blouse, my husbandís cock strained against his pants. He was like a young man again, one that couldnít wait to shoot off. I couldnít believe it, my own husband was nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man, a true cuckold through and through!

It didnít take long for me to really exploit his reluctant urge to be humiliated. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I needed a good fuck, even if it was by another man.



Discovering my prudish husband had a peculiar kink opened doors he never thought possible for us! I admit, at first I was hesitant to sleep with another man. Thankfully my husband knows a real alpha male, one that had no problem seducing me and turning me into his devoted submissive. He knows what I need, and he intends to see my pathetic husband knows who I really belong to!

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