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Domination & Submission BDSM Novels

Title:  Cheater's Punishment

Series:  N/A

Author: Felicity Ferras

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  8,789 Words

ISBN:  LC3200007

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3D Ebook Cover - Cheater's Punishment - by Felicity Ferras

Cheater's Punishment


“Mmm, got a video for me, you little traitor?” Her voice flowed through him like wine, and he found himself getting a little bit hard again, even so soon after coming. “Aww, so short?” she continued. “It apparently doesn't take you long to cum. Or were you...really turned on?”

Scott flushed. He couldn't remember how long it took him to come. He didn't want it to take very long.

“Wow, you look way worse now. Think you could put a filter or something on this? You looked a lot better in those fuzzy pictures.”

Scott chewed on his lip, embarrassment flooding his body. He thought he looked okay; clearly the two women in his life thought he was fine. But something about this one not liking the way that he looked—that hit home much harder.

“Aww, look at that cute little penis!” she cried out as if she had found a particularly adorable stuffed animal. “Aww! I think that one deserves a little cage on it!”

Cage? What did she mean by that? He couldn't imagine his dick in a cage.

“Wow, you're really turned on by all this, aren't you?” she continued. “I can tell. What were you thinking of when you were jacking off? Were you thinking about me?” He voice dropped to even more sultry tones. “Were you thinking of me on my knees in front of you? ...Or were you on your knees...?”

Scott couldn't hold in a whimper. He wasn't imagining that, no...but he was imagining it now. He grabbed onto a sink to hold his balance.

“You're so fucking pathetic, you know. Some woman just calls you up and demands that you masturbate for her, and you just do it? What kind of sad little life do you lead that makes you want to do a thing like that? Oh, right! You're a dirty, filthy, lying cheater, and deserve to be punished—you came all over the floor, didn't you! I can see it. I bet you didn't lick it up, now, did you? Should I hold that against you?”

Scott's heart started to race...



With a doting wife and secretive mistress, Scott had become engulfed with the majesty that was his own ego. However, picture documentation of his infidelity by a secretive woman brings all this to a halt. The photographer forces Scott to heed to her powerful command, and he can't help but feel incredibly aroused at recording the humiliating orders that she has given him. Scott would feel excitement in ways that he never has before as the mysterious woman's degrading assignments introduce him to anal training that quickly engulfs and transforms his life.

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eBook TAGS    Femdom Domme, Female Dominant, Male Submissive, Blackmail Punishment, BDSM Power Exchange, Embarrassment Suspense, Anal Training Play Prostate, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Humiliation & Degradation

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