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Mother Son Erotic Incest Novels

Title:  Chassie's Perfect Son

Series:  N/A

Author: C. Shields

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  12,855 Words

ISBN:  9781310702808

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Chassie's Perfect Son, by C. Shields

Chassie's Perfect Son


“Jason. . .” she whispered, her eyes closing in sexual delirium.

“Oh baby, touch Mommy there. Softly. Oh yes, Jason baby, do it softly. . .” she purred.


“—Ah!” she cried and promptly fell off the bed with a thump. “Jason Belmont! Don’t you knock anymore??” Her face was redder than a beet. She knew it had nothing to do with her fall, either. Well, not much.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I just wanted to—are you all right?” he asked, ending on a concerned note when he heard her groan in pain. She was sitting with legs sprawled nursing one knee against her body.

“Oh dear, that’s going to scar,” she moaned. She drew a sharp breath through clenched teeth. Damned those hard-wood floors!

He was suddenly on knee beside her—and much too close for comfort. Not a half hour before, in the kitchen, he’d flustered her with his surprising move and whispered words. Now he was there, almost naked, beside her in her room.

“Are you all right, Mom? Here, let me have a look,” he said, deeply concerned. He gently moved the flap of her robe off her knee, seeing the cut. He frowned with concern. “Oh wow. That was some fall.”

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Einstein,” she said a little irate. He was affecting her sexually, and her knee was giving her grief. Both conspired to make her irritable.

“Where do you keep the antibacterial ointment?” he asked, unimpressed.

“Oh, um, don’t worry about it, Jason. I’ll be—”

“—Mom,” he looked terse, “this isn’t the time to act macho. Now where is the ointment?”

“You mean “macha” don’t you?” she tried to make a funny, but her son wasn’t amused. She cleared her throat. “Medicine cabinet in my—our—your father’s—there!” she finally just pointed to the door of the adjoining bathroom, ending her anxious babbling. Her son’s nearness was affecting her much too much.

He didn’t say a word. He didn’t even seem to notice how tongue-tied she was as he got up. He quickly returned with wet cotton rounds, a cotton swab, and the yellow and white tube of ointment, but when she reached for it, he held it out of her reach.

“Jason! I’ll do it!”

“Just let me, okay Mom?” he said with his gentle voice. His beautiful tiger’s eyes compelled her to be silent, and deep inside, she damn well knew she wanted him to touch her.

Still, nothing could be more embarrassing than feeling all hot and lusty and having her son find her in that state. Nothing could be more desperate than realizing that she was sexually fantasizing about her own son who had brought her into that state.

The bright red in her face, the one that seemed to worry her dear, sweet, disturbingly close son, wasn’t only because she hurt her knee. She suddenly felt overwhelmed. Every nerve ending was exploding because he was so physically close to her—nearly naked—in her bedroom and much too close to a big, comfortable, accessible bed.

Adding more pain to her already painful plight, it looked as if he was on his way to the shower. He was only wearing his boxer briefs, and those things left little to the imagination. At least they did to hers. She tried her best not to look, but she’d already seen the bulge of his young cock and her vagina squeezed. Jeezus! He had such an amazingly sexy body.

Chassie tried to shake that hot, not-so-motherly thoughts from her mind, but her son was NOT helping. God! Why did he have to be so... perfect? Why did he have to be so damned close?

An extra dose of embarrassment shot right though her when her son bent his head and pursed sensual lips. She froze. She swore her heart had stopped altogether. He blew gently against the wound on her knee, trying to ease the sting. She felt her heart come alive as it lurched and pounded viciously against her ribcage, sending heated blood straight into her face.

He seemed completely oblivious to her discomfort—or her wanton position and disposition. To her horror, she finally realized that she was only wearing her robe and nothing else. Not only that, but her legs were sprawled and her thighs were indecently spread.

Even she could catch the sweet, warm aroma of her stimulated pussy. It had gotten pretty wet in her initial attempt to masturbate moments before. Embarrassed beyond belief, she tried to inconspicuously close her legs, but her son stopped her.

“Sit still, Mom,” he said quietly. “I’ll be done in a minute.”

If she didn’t stop him now she’d find herself in the throes of a spontaneous orgasm and really embarrass herself. His nearness, his scent, his beautiful face, and that irresistible sensuality her son naturally exuded, had her lightheaded. Then he pursed his lips again and gently blew against her knee, and she knew she was lost when that voracious vixen inside her emerged.

Her hand was suddenly there, touching his face. He paused and tensed. She slipped fingers up along his jaw, feeling his young muscles ripple beneath her fingers. He kept quiet, lashes down, but then he raised them to look back at her with fire in his tiger’s eyes. The sexual tension was thick and flagrant between them, but neither seemed to want to stop.

Her face was oddly gentle in quiet resolve. She blinked softly for a moment, staring boldly into the fire of her son’s eyes before she slowly pulled herself forward. He could end her seduction any moment he wanted, but he didn’t. He even seemed unwilling to. His smooth chest moved a little faster as her lips neared. Her eyelashes flickered down to gaze briefly at her son’s lips before they swept to a soft close and she finally felt her lips touch his...



Chassie's husband is having an affair just when she's feeling the dreaded "empty nest syndrome". Divorce was imminent. Her "perfect" twenty-three year old son just got engaged to a beautiful girl and at forty-two, Chassie feels as if her life is over. She feels ugly, old, and unwanted. But her son, Jason, comes clean with her and shows her just how wrong she is, and that her life with him has only just begun.

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eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom Son Sex, Taboo Romance, Anal & Oral Sex, Blow Job & Masturbation, Contemporary Erotica

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