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Sci-Fi Rape Fantasy Erotica

Title:  Captured Space Cadets in Bondage

Series:  Submissive Space Cadets of Station 3X69 No.1

Author: Kristine Lichtlider

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Length:  29,211 Words

ISBN:  LC8500010

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3D Ebook Cover -Captured Space Cadets in Bondage - Submissive Space Cadets of Station 3X69 No.1 - by Kristine Lichtlider

Captured Space Cadets in Bondage


“Yes, please,” Dr. Phibes said, sitting on a rolling stool. He crossed his legs and seemed innocent enough. “I have to conduct a thorough exam, you understand.”

“All right,” Alexia said, nervously unbuttoning her collar. She opened her uniform dress, exposing her white lacy brassiere. She stepped out of the dress and folded it neatly before placing it on the floor.

“Very good,” Dr. Phibes said, nodding his head. “The underwear too, please.”

“My underwear?” Alexia asked, heart skipping a beat.

“Cadet Faith...” Phibes said “ me, I'm a doctor. I'm not even attracted to females of your species, no offense!”

“I'm sorry, Doctor,” Alexia said, shaking her head and laughing nervously. She unhooked her bra and added it to the pile of clothing, her unbound breasts swaying. They were covered with freckles just as her face was, the pink creaminess of her nipples contrasting with her spotted white skin. Carefully, she stepped out of her panties and stood exposed before Dr. Phibes.

“Hmm,” he said, getting out of his stool and coming toward her. He cupped her face in two of his hands and gently turned her head from side to side. “I see.”

“You see what?” she asked, shivering a bit.

“Nothing to worry about, my dear,” he said. “Open your mouth, please.”

Alexia did so.

“Wider,” he said.

Alexia obeyed, straining her jaws as far as they could go. Phibes peered into her mouth and nodded again.

“Lift your arms over your head,” he said. Alexia obeyed, trying to force herself to relax. It as just an exam, after all, and soon enough she would be back on the promenade. She flinched slightly at the feel of his fingers sliding down her chest and over her bosom, but tried to hold still.

“Doctor,” she said timidly “what are you doing?”

Phibes was running his fingers over her breasts, picking at her nipples as a lover might.

“Just part of the exam, my dear,” he said “my species has very sensitive nerve endings. I can pick up things with a tactile exam that instruments could never hope to match. I assure you I do not enjoy this.”

Coulda fooled me, Alexia thought but did not say. It seemed like Dr. Phibes had a bulge in his pants, but who knew what that meant for one of his species?

Phibes finished with her breasts and slid his hands down her flanks. Smoothly, he drew them inwards across her belly and then down into her pubic cradle.

“Dr Phibes!” Alexia said with a gasp. “What are you doing?”

“Shh, relax my dear,” Dr. Phibes said as he wormed his fingers between her labia “it's just a medical procedure. Tell me Cadet, are you a virgin?”

“ is that medically relevant?” Alexia asked. “Please, don't move your fingers around so much...”

“I'm sorry, dear,” he said “does it hurt?”

“No,” Alexia said, trying to will her pussy to remain dry and closed “it just feels weird.”

“Don't worry my dear, it's all part of a thorough exam,” Phibes replied. “I was only asking about your sexual history because it's relevant to your health.



Alexia Faith is determined to prove her worth to Space Fleet and goes to Station 3X69 for training. Her tasks include submitting to a naked, restrained exam by Dr. Phibes, wearing plugs and gags in public, and modeling for a shibari bondage expert. When her roommate goes missing its up to Alexia to rescue her from the perverted Gorks. Will she free her friend and the other captives? Or will she spend her life as the Gork captain's slave-wife?

eBook TAGS    Sci-Fi Rape Fantasy, Bondage & Discipline BDSM, shibari, science fiction, Forced BDSM, Non-Consent Alien Sex, medical fetish, outer space


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