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Virgin Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Busting Sister's Cherry

Series:  Busting Cherries

Author: J.M. Christopher

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  J.M. Christopher

Language: English

Length:  10,578 Words

ISBN:  9781476276342

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3D Ebook Cover - Busting Sister’s Cherry, by J.M. Christopher

Busting Sister's Cherry


“Don’t be so shy,” she said. “We’re just going to have some fun.”

Then she undressed, first pulling down her skirt. I stood still in amazement as she revealed her amazingly firm, toned young legs to me. Next came the red cheerleading panties. As she slid them down her legs, her ass came into view. They were like to round mounds of perfection and I so badly wanted to get my dick between them.

Her top came next. She unzipped it in the front, slowly revealing her supple tan skin below it. The globes of her breasts came into view and then the deep blood red of her lacy bra. She slid the top down her arms and stood before me in only her bra. Then, with a flourish, she ripped the bra off and tossed it aside.

“What do ya think?”

I couldn’t respond. This was my first fully naked girl ever.

Every inch of her twenty-year-old body was tan and smooth. Her entire crotch was shaven bald and her breasts were perky and bounced as she moved. Her stomach was flat with a hint of muscle, and her long legs shone and sparkled like satin. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers and giving me full view of her tight, wet cunt. My dick was so hard at this point it was beginning to hurt.

"Well? Are you going to fuck me?" she asked impatiently.

After my speechless nod she grabbed her ass to give me a perfect view of her sweet pussy. I was completely stunned. Chelsea then stood up and came over to me. She wrapped her left leg around me and started grinding up and down on my hard cock through my shorts.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to and she leaned up and kissed me fiercely. While making out she moved one of my hands to her firm breasts. I fondled her while we continued kissing until she pulled away and grabbed my hand, dragging me toward the bed.

She pushed me up against the wall and unzipped my pants pulling out my throbbing cock. It took a lot of self-control just to keep from cumming right then.



When Eric returns from his first semester at college, he spy’s on his young sister making love to one of her girlfriends when he overhears her intention to waste her cherry on some unknown boy named Scott. Can Eric allow his sister to just throw away her virginity to a boy she hardly knows? And when faced with temptation, can he resist taking his sisters virginity for himself? What would you do?

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eBook TAGS   Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Sex Relationship, Virgin Defloration, Erotic Adult Fantasy, Family Exotica

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