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Barely Legal Babysitter Erotica

Title:  Busting Babysitter's Cherry

Series:  Busting Cherries

Author: J.M. Christopher

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  J.M. Christopher

Language: English

Length:  12,533 Words

ISBN:  9781476061528

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3D Ebook Cover - Busting Babysitter's Cherry, by J.M. Christopher

Busting Babysitter's Cherry


There on my sofa was Samantha. Let me rephrase that. There on my sofa was a male, late teens or early twenties, his shirt off, wearing jeans, sneakers (on my sofa!) And on top of him was Samantha. Samantha's clothes were laying on the floor in a heap and all she had on was a pair of pink panties and a white bra.

The pair were so engrossed that neither of them heard me come in. I couldn’t believe I had actually trusted this little slut to watch my two kids. Did she do this every time I was out? Was this the only boy, or were there a string of them and he was just the latest one?

I stood there in the entrance to my living and watched the two kids making out, wondering how long it would take before one of them might notice I was there. At least, that’s what I told myself.

The truth was, I was so sexually frustrated, I just really wanted to watch this scene playing out in front of me. I could already feel the blood rushing to my dick at the sight of the nearly naked nineteen-year old, straddling the boy on my couch. I couldn’t help but imagine myself in that boy’s position with this hot, brown-haired girl on top of me, sucking on my tongue like there was no tomorrow.

Soon the boy reached around and started undoing Samantha’s bra. He was obviously no expert, because he was fumbling with it for about fifteen seconds before he popped it open. The material relaxed and Samantha finally sat up as she started slipping the garment off her arms.

That’s when she saw me.

To say that all affected parties were surprised is a gross understatement. Samantha leapt up, trying to cover her near nakedness with her arms, and only succeeded in showing more of her skin. "Oh my God! Mister Mark! I'm so sorry!"



Mark is a lonely single parent with two beautiful children. Samantha offers to babysit a few evenings each week so he can land a few hot dates. But, out of practice, he becomes frustrated. Coming home from another failed date, he walks in to find Samantha in bra and panties, astride a boy on his couch. She pleads he not fire her or tell her parents, and in exchange for his silence, she offers to be his ‘wife’ for the weekend and do anything he wants.

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      Heat Level                            Relative Taboo                            Ending Type

eBook TAGS   Barely Legal, Older Man w/ Younger Girl, Virgin Defloration, Reluctant Babysitter Sex, Erotic Adult Fantasy

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