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A porno that's bigger than Ben-Hur, that's what we want, with a cast of barely legal virgins and actual daddies performing with their all-America daughters. The popularity of daddy daughter erotica & incest themed porn means it is closer than you may think. Come onto a film set in the not-so-distant future. Feel the blood sweat & secretions of virgin performers, some of them actual daughters!

Father Daughter Incest

Title:  Bone-Her: An Incest Blockbuster

Series:  N/A

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  11,838 Words

ISBN:  LC1100225

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Book Cover Photo - Bone-Her: An Incest Blockbuster - by Lisa Smiles

Bone-Her: An Incest Blockbuster


Next for attention was a tall one with rosy cheeks, a wide nose bridge like Britney Spears’s and long grassy hair parted slightly to one side with pink plastic hair pins. She looked English, not Russian, and worried, like she needed a valium too. Later I would implement a national policy of administering valium to any first time actress presenting as nervous in the lead up to her debut, especially if it was to be with her daddy.

“Get her on her back,” I told the translator.

The girl was worried, but excited. “Nice work when you can get it,” I told the camera man, whose name I would soon learn was Jordan. We’ve become friends. Jordan would like to work in front of the camera but he is in love with his wife. I’ve offered to introduce his wife to my psychologist friend, but Jordan won’t take it. Oh well.

My English rose girl was making a moving target of her lower half. It would not have been good for the film to ask the other girls to restrain her so I decided instead to calm her nerves with some kisses and love to her face. When I dropped a light peck on her nose bridge, she smiled and said something in Russian.

“What did she say?” The translator informed me that that was where her father used to kiss her, right on the bridge of her nose, every morning when she was leaving for school. “Tell her for me that I wish she was my daughter. I would love her the same way as her father.”

Her mouth was tiny even before she pursed her lips into a ball. She looked ready to cry. “Spasibo,” she said, and opened her legs.

What a torso she had! Scanning between her personal parts and her face was like scanning the Sahara of porcelain skin. The pink in her cheeks was turning redder and spreading to her chest. She was blushing. Squeezing her upper arms in my hands I felt the loose flesh come away from her bones. Whatever she was doing back there in Ukraine it didn’t involve much physical exertion. She was just like my daughter. A lazy little toad who did nothing.

I told the interpreter to tell her she had the most beautiful lips just before planting mine on them. She tasted like steak left between molars and it struck me that everything about this was so incredibly real. It was like the sexual contact I had enjoyed so much of in lap dancing clubs, only these girls weren’t prepared. They had had all of these things sprung on them at once.

As though she were a bull that still hadn’t seen the matador’s sword, her face widened with the realization that something foreign was inside her body. I arched back and checked. More tomato sauce. Wowie! This was turning into a blood bath.

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