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Younger Woman/Older Man Erotica

Title:  Blackmail! My Boyfriend's Hunky Father

Series:  N/A

Author: Veronica Sloan

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Veronica Sloan at Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,984 Words

ISBN:  LC2100049

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3D Ebook Cover - Blackmail! My Boyfriend's Hunky Father - by Veronica Sloan

Blackmail! My Boyfriend's Hunky Father


Tim definitely liked the lace cutaway teddy that opened over my belly and came together just between my thighs. His eyes were dinner plates when I bumped the door open with a playful twist of my ass. "Tada!" I sang.

It was a shiny red number that squeezed my tits and pushed them up my chest, giving me more cleavage than Tim had probably ever seen (at least on a buxom 19-year-old like me). The panties matched and were soft as silk, shiny. They made my ass pop.

"I-" he stammered.

"Mmhmm," I agreed. I felt wicked. I struck another pose in the open doorway. I stuck my knee out and balanced my foot on the doorjamb and ran my hands back through my hair. "What do you think, Mr. Davies? Don't I look famous or something?"

"It's. Leah, I think I should g-"

"Oh, but daddy!" I skipped forward and took his hands. My breasts bobbed like jellyrolls (and probably looked just as sweet, all in red). I backed up with him into the dressing room. "How can you pay for it if you don't even know what it looks like?"

"Leah, I'm- Oh." He suddenly realized we were going into the dressing room together. "We're not supposed to-"

"Andrea doesn't mind." I pulled him inside and shut the door. We were standing together in the cramped little closet with just the full length mirror in front of us and my clothes on the floor. I posed in front of the mirror and stuck my butt out. It pushed right into his crotch.

"Ahn," he grunted.

I leaned forward so that my breasts hung down and touched the mirror with my hands. I was bent over with him behind me and I wiggled happily. I felt his already hard cock dig at me. "Now, the only problem is, I think maybe it's a little too tight. What do you think?"

His eyebrows came together. "I should go."

"No, you need to help me. I definitely think you should help me." I played with the cups and cinched them up higher, pretending to study myself in the mirror while I rolled my buttocks up and down his penis. I made the prancing seem completely natural. I'm a pro at it. I made it really cute. "What do you think of that?" I said.

"It's good, Leah. It's-"

"Hm, good might not be good enough, though. I should look REALLY good in this. You don't think I look REALLY good?" I twirled in place like a dancer and turned my foot up behind me. I bounced up and placed an affectionate little kiss on his chin. "Do you think I look REALLY good?"

Maybe I was being unfair. The pain in his eyes was so palpable. I could see every little thing he wanted to do to me, and every little thing that was holding him back. "Yes," he breathed.

"I think I have something even cuter. Do you want to see it?"

His forehead was wet. He was actually sweating.

"Oh..." I said softly. My hand slid down his chest, down his belt, to his crotch. I gave him a slow, gentle squeeze. "Oh, I'm not trying to tease you...I just want to know what you really think." God, he was hard.

Tim. Big strong Tim. Big mean Tim. Big grumpy Tim. He shuddered so hard he nearly collapsed...



Leah's boyfriend is such a bore. He's not a bad guy, he'd just rather play video games than take her to bed. So what's a horny girl to do? Seduce her boyfriend's hunky father, of course! Tim is a grouch, but he's so handsome and strong. Just the thought of his biceps makes her tingle. Leah knows it's wrong to want this hot older man, but she just can't help herself! Maybe he'll notice her if she sends some naughty selfies to his phone...

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eBook TAGS    Barely Legal Girls, blackmail erotica, cheating erotica, daddy issues, dirty talk, older man, silver fox, boyfriends father, May December romance

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