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Mother Son Incest Novels

Title:  Bitch

Series:  N/A

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  24,326 Words

ISBN:  9781311171832

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3D Ebook Cover - Bitch - by Baron LeSade



Strangely, she felt a little light-headed and a slight blush heated up her cheeks as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. The dress showed off a little more than she remembered. A little more breast than she recalled as she stared down at her big, pale breasts swelling up out of the low-cut neckline. And a little more leg, too, she scowled, looking down at her long, nylon-encased legs. Too much? Maybe. But it would be such a hassle to take the dress off and put on another one she told herself, staring into the mirror, pinching the neckline, tugging it up, trying to cover some of the expanse of exposed breast-flesh. She would just have to be careful and not lean over too much, she thought as she reached down and gave the hem of her short dress a slight tug. But she found it was a hopeless see-saw battle. If she tugged the hem down, it exposed more breast and if she pulled the neckline up, it revealed more leg. Maybe she should change?

Glancing at her watch, she saw that Ronnie would be arriving in less than an hour. Too little time. She would just have to go with what she had on. She would just have to be careful not to lean over too much, or sit in a way that would reveal more than she wanted. Stepping back, giving herself one last inspection, she was actually pleased with the way she looked. She looked sexy. The only thing wrong with the picture was the fact that it was her son she was looking sexy for.

A drink? Yes, that would help. That was what she needed. It would help calm her down. Mellow her out. Get rid of all the weird, crazy things she was thinking.

Padding over to her closet in her stocking feet, she stepped inside and looked down at the line of shoes sitting along the baseboard under her clothes. Where were they? There they were. The four inch black, patent-leather heels she always wore with the dress, she smiled stepping into them. Suddenly, her five foot six shot up to a tall, svelte five foot ten.

One more quick trip back to the mirror and she was smugly pleased by what she saw. The heels did amazing things to her long, shapely legs, she smiled, turning this way and that way, flexing her legs and admiring the way they curved in and out.

Another quick fluff of her hair and she was off. Down the stairs and into the living room, she made straight for the little bar George had made out in his workshop. A little twist of sadness pinged through her head knowing that George would never get to use the bar ever again. No, don’t go there, she warned herself. Ronnie didn’t need a sad, mopey mom to deal with when he got home. He’d already had enough BS from that other woman. That Bitch. He didn’t need to have to put up with more from his own mother. No. She would not go there.

Setting the bottle of Canadian Club on the bar, she unconsciously pulled out two glasses from under the bar. Force of habit, she sadly winced, starting to put one back, but changing her mind. Ronnie would probably want a drink when he arrived. Setting the glasses down by the bottle, she reached back under the bar and brought out the ice bucket. Carrying the bucket, she quickly made her way out into the kitchen and over to the fridge. Filling the bucket with ice cubes, she hurried back out and made herself a drink.



Mother leads a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. But then there are sexual fantasies—wild dreams she never expected to come true. Is it best to suppress such wicked desires and fantasy, or to bring them out in the open and act on them? Does her repression lead to sickness, or does her fulfillment bring shame? Evelyn, a young widowed mother, finds a form of happiness in the arms of her son. She discovers a happiness she cannot deny herself.

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eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom Son Sex, Horney Widowed MILF, Forbidden Oedipal Love, Taboo Romance

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