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Barely Legal Virgin Romance Novel

Title:  Biker Girl

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  5,859 Words

ISBN:  9781310036583

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3D Ebook Cover - Biker Girl, by Amicus

Biker Girl


I dressed young that night, not sure why, felt like it. Thick strawberry blond hair in a single tail, long sleeve pastel blue blouse, pale blue windbreaker, belted dark blue skirt to the knees, white socks and sneakers. The mirror had told me I looked about fifteen and I smiled at myself.

A gaggle of girls, all dressed differently but really the same overall effect: bouncy, giggly airheads, happy to be alive. We turned as a single entity to the rumble and roar of several motorcycles coming towards us.

The group split into twos and threes and fours, then intermingled as the sound became louder.

When I was first ‘accepted’ into the group, my place was always on the fringe. Maybe I chose it, maybe it just worked out that way. As time went by, I migrated towards the center; if divided in three, I was right between center and left or right, depending.

The motorcycles roared by with whistles and, “Hey baby! Wow! Hey, honey!”

We all turned our heads to watch as they went by and two of them reared up on the back wheels and screamed a rebel yell or something.

I am not quite sure how I found myself on the fringe again, but there I stood: the group all to my right, the bikes down the street to my right. I was still feeling the rumble of the engines in my stomach and wondering why my skin felt super sensitive to the light breeze around me and why my breath was coming in spurts.

The girls resumed their walk and their chattering, I watched the motorcycles fade from sight. One of them peeled off from the group and came back towards us. I could almost feel it happen before it did as the biker roared by, close to the curb and down the street to the sound of girls screaming as girls do. But not me, no, not me; I watched.

Back down the street the other way, girls moving back and screaming, the vibration of the engine went right up my legs and nestled just inside my panties. Gasp! I took my pretty hair out of its ponytail and let the light colored waves float down and across my shoulders, ‘Why?’

The whole time, back and forth, I locked my eyes on the driver of the motorcycle. Up on the back wheel again, to my right, down and away. I sighed, frowned at myself and shook my head. The girls had inched closer to the curb, almost coming into a line where I remained standing. The single biker passed slowly in front of the girls who turned their eyes away and huddled together. I looked him right in the eyes, ‘What was I doing?’



A grown woman goes back to her hometown and looks back to her time in high school when she was a loner, nerd, wallflower and virgin. She remembers the night that changed her life when a strange biker came roaring into town, whisked her away from the group of girls she hung with and made love to her beneath the stars. He saw in her something she didn’t see and captures it in a photograph.

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eBook TAGS    Barely Legal, Virgin Romance, Biker, Nerd, Sexual Awareness, Womanhood, Photo, Motorcycle

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