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Non Consent Gang Bang Erotica

Title:  Biker Saturday: for a Hot Wife

Series:  N/A

Author: Nicola Nichols

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Nicola Nichols at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  8,131 Words

ISBN:  9781311626875

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3D Ebook Cover - Biker Saturday: for a Hot Wife - Nicola Nichols

Biker Saturday: for a Hot Wife


One of the men at the bar went to the jukebox and started at playing an old Beatles tune. He turned and wandered over to the table. "This is Ronnie," Matt said, "and Big Charlie is the one sucking up to Wanda, who is your bartender."

"That's a good song. Let's you and me dance, Adele," Matt as Ronnie got to the table. Without waiting for her answer he wrapped a powerful hand around her arm and started tugging her out of the booth. Dan started to say something but Matt cut him off. "You said you weren't looking for trouble. Are you going to start kicking up a fuss over us having a little dance?"

Dan slumped. "No."

"Good. Betty and Ronnie will keep you company while your old lady and I get to know each other. Keep my seat warm, Ronnie and don't let Dan get bored."

The look in Dan's eyes made her think of trapped animals she'd seen on the nature channel. It was sad, really, but somehow it was hot. That wasn't nice, but it was true. And when they moved out on the dance floor Matt seemed to glide. "You are a good dancer, "she said. He smiled. When the song ended, a slow one started, Matt pulled her close. His hand was hot on her ass and he pressed her body against his, making sure rubbed against the hard bulge of his cock swelling inside his jeans.

"Now ain't this nice, you and me rubbing our bodies together like this? It gives you a chance to wonder if my prick is bigger or smaller than it feels. As we dance close you can enjoy thinking about how it might feel to have it inside you. I get to think about how soft and supple you are and that the cunt you are rubbing against me is probably nice and tight. I get even harder thinking about warm and slippery it would feel wrapped around my prick. I doubt your old man has done much to stretch it out. But a sinewy body like that could wrap around a man so sweet."

She'd never had a man she'd just met talk to her this way before, and she could barely hold still. The excitement was getting to her. She didn't trust herself to speak and tried to get her mind off his cock by tracing a tattoo on his arm with a fingernail.

"What kind of tattoos do you have?" he asked.

That question seemed safe to answer. "None. Dan doesn't want me to have a tattoo. I mentioned the idea and he made me promise I wouldn't get one."

Matt seemed upset. "That's stupid."

They continued dancing and when song ended, Matt took her hand and led her back to the table. "Dan, what's this about you not letting Adele have a tattoo?"

Dan flushed. "What do you mean?"

"I asked Adele about her tattoos and she said you wouldn't let her have one."

It was clear that Dan found Matt's disapproval nerve wracking. "It's just that I don't like them, that's all."

Matt slammed his hand on the table. "That sucks. Chicks with tattoos are fucking hot. Dan, I'm disappointed in you. All real bikers like their women with tattoos." He motioned to Betty. "Show him how a biker cunt should be decorated." Grinning broadly, enjoying a moment in the spotlight, the girl stood and pulled her top up over her tits, showing them that they were entwined with Celtic knots. She pulled the top over her head and dropped it on the table. Then she faced Dan and held her breasts out to him. "My babies love having all the great swirlies Ronnie put on them and it makes the guys want to suck them."

"I want you to show him my favorite tat, Betty," Matt said.

Betty smiled at him and began undoing her shorts. She wore no panties and her yellow bush showed as she opened them and pulled them down. On her inner thigh, near her cunt was a tattoo of a wolf leering and the initials FBLL under it. She lifted her foot, putting her leg across Dan's lap, resting her foot on the seat between him and Ronnie and she pointed to the tattoo. "See? That's the one Matt likes best."

"FBLL?" Adele asked.

Betty wiggled her ass. "Fucked by Los Lobos."



Bikers are so hot, but... When her boyfriend buys a bike, it just isn't making it. They accidentally stop at a biker bar on their first Saturday ride she gets a lesson in the differences between her fantasy bikers and real ones. Los Lobos are the stuff of her fantasies but when the guys take turns banging her on a table in the bar and then double team her, stuffing her full, it's all happening in the real world. All Dan can do is watch.

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eBook TAGS    Menage and Swinging, Dub-Con Gang Bang, Taken by Bikers, Bareback Sex, Anal & Oral, Double Penetration

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