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Big Brother's Welcome Home

Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Big Brother's Welcome Home

Series:  Daddy's Hot Maid No.3

Author: Lizzy Eliot

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lizzy Eliot Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  4,936 Words

ISBN:  9781310446375

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Book Cover Photo: Big Brother's Welcome Home - Daddy's Hot Maid No.3 - by Lizzy Eliot


“The breakfast is cold,” Gina said, munching on soggy toast.

“We can go down and make more,” Johnny said.

We were all pretty hungry so Johnny agreed. Gina handed me my apron. “Put this on.” She kissed me. “A girl in uniform is hot,” she said. She slipped on a sleeveless tee shirt and Johnny put on a pair of boxers and we went down to the kitchen.

Just as we finished eating and were sipping coffee, someone knocked on the door. Johnny seemed surprised. “I called for reinforcements,” she said. “I sent Jack a photo and an invitation.”

“Jack’s another member of our squad,” Johnny said. “Go let him in.”

So, in nothing more than an apron, I answered the door and found a large black man standing there dressed in sandals, tee shirt and cotton sweatpants. “Are you Jack? They are expecting you.”

His eyes had gotten big when he saw me, and he brushed a hand down my back as he kicked of his sandals and followed me into the living room.

“A party?” he asked.

“A welcome back from the front lines orgy,” Gina said. “Johnny banged his little sister for the first time.”

“No shit,” Jack said. His hand was still on me. “And so it’s open season on little sister pussy?”

“She’s our hot maid for the day,” Johnny said. “An obedient maid does what she’s told.”

Jack took my hand and put it on his crotch. “Why don’t you see if you can find something in here to play with little girl?”

He’d put my hand on a nice bulge, and I kept it there, rubbing him gently while used my other hand to reach inside his pants. “I think it’s too hot for it to stay inside,” I told him as I wrapped my fingers around a swelling tube of flesh.

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. “Then bring it outside.”

I let go of him and used both hands to pull down the sweatpants. He was getting hard fast and I got his pants off his feet and then turned my attention to his cock, taking it in hand, so to speak. His hand rested on my head as I put my lips to the big black knob and kissed it, the flicked it with my tongue.

“A man could get used to maid service,” he moaned.

Suddenly Gina was behind him looking at me between his legs. “Spread those legs apart, Jack.” He did, and as he pushed his cock between my lips, she moved her mouth to his balls and licked him, then ran her tongue up the seam toward his ass. “Fuck that’s nice,” he said and I guess he meant the two of him doing him like that at once. Gina seemed to like men’s balls because she took one of his in her mouth and sucked it, and then did the other. I was busy taking as much of that ebony cock in my mouth as I could manage.

“This is sweet, but I want to stuff that little sister maid pussy with cock,” he said.

They stretched me out on the floor and Johnny knelt at my head and pulled my legs back to expose my pussy and ass to his friend who knelt at my ass stroking his cock. Johnny’s cock was getting hard again and it brushed my hair. As Jack moved over me and put his prick into my slit I was as excited as I’ve ever been. I was sure Johnny would fuck me again after watching his buddy do me.

I quivered as I felt that lovely warm shaft slide into me. Jack put his hands on the floor to brace himself. They were outside of my legs so they also pinned me there, with my calves against his muscular chest. I was oddly helpless, the way he had me pinned and when he began pumping into me I couldn’t do anything but enjoy the ride. His ass and leg muscles rippled and he grew sweaty with the effort. The smell of an aroused male was strong and powerful. His body sliding back and forth in me brought my body to high alert.

“Fuck the little sister cunt, you damn black bull,” Gina whispered. She was beside us, running her hands down Jack’s back, over his ass, touching his balls. When I looked up I could see Johnny looking at us, watching his buddy fuck his sister’s pussy.



My brother Johnny is home on leave from the Army and Daddy wants me to give him a welcome he won’t forget. And when he shows up with his Army buddies, one of whom is a girl, the welcome gets pretty wild. The guys are hot and horny. They want their pleasure in every hole. And Gina, their combat pal, wants to stick her fist in me while Johnny takes my ass.

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eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Interracial Anal, Double Penetration, Creampie, Pussy Eating, Bareback, Fisting

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