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Sweet BDSM Romance Novels

Title:  Beauty and The Beast

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  13,462 Words

ISBN:  9781310922565

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3D Ebook Cover - Beauty and The Beast - by Amicus

Beauty and The Beast


“Do you ever think about sleeping with someone else? I mean, there are a lot of younger, prettier girls out there, all looking. I see them put the eye on you whenever we go out. How does that make you feel?”

“No, babe, I don’t want anyone else; never have, never will.”

“But you look, I know you do.”

Where is this going and what is the right thing to say—be honest?

“I try not to look, babe, and you know it, my eyes just follow the T & A automatically; I can’t help it but I look away as soon as I realize it and you see me do it.”

She buried her face in my neck and kissed me soft and long, “I know you do and it makes me smile and then glare at the girl; but you really don’t think or fantasize about making love to someone else?”

That was harder to answer and still keep truth right there, “I can’t control my dreams, neither can you, I think. Sometimes a movie actress turns me on and if I have a hard time falling asleep, I guess I see her, kinda.”


I blinked my eyes several times, looking for a way to close or continue the conversation. Suddenly a cold chill shot through me and my body went rigid.

“Oh, God, no, Loni, please, tell me you haven’t been with another guy, Loni. It would kill me to think of another man holding you, kissing you, on top of you.”

“No! NO, no no no no no! Honey, you are all the man I want and that I will ever want, I don’t even look at other guys, not at all! Never! You just gotta believe me, I believe you!”

I turned her to the side, wrapped myself firmly around her and cried into her neck. This is not me, I don’t cry, I am not emotional over things, what is this?

“I’m sorry, I just had a flash of some man having sex with you; it was so vivid, so real, it hit me so hard. I’m really sorry, I don’t know why.”

She cut in to stop my blabbering; I think, kissing my face everywhere and clinging to me tightly. “No, Jeff, it’s me, I’m sorry. I am just in a crazy mood. It seems sometimes we are not moving on with our lives, just holding place and that our love is too. Like I always heard married sex would turn into, but ours hasn’t, has it?”

“No, Loni, it hasn’t and it won’t. Holding on after we made love tonight, I smiled and thought how wonderful we are together. Didn’t you feel that way too?”

Quick answer.

“Yes, Jeff, the same way; most of our friends just live together and none as long as we have been married. The few that are married… it seems like they aren’t very happy, bickering, even in front of us. We have a good thing going and I know it, I am sorry; I am saying dumb things. Forgive me?”

I hugged her close and we moved back into our sleeping together positions. I wanted this conversation over.



Happily marrieds experiment with BDSM to spice their sex life up and one night changes everything when a blindfolded and handcuffed wife gets more than she bargained for. Things don’t seem quite right between them and Jeff shudders to think she has been with another man. Loni does indeed have a secret to reveal that is utterly off Jeff’s radar. Can their relationship survive?

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eBook TAGS    Light BDSM, Fantasy Dub-Con, Oral & Anal Sex, Menage, Threesome Relationships, Barely Legal, Lesbian, Bisexuality

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