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Barely Legal Romance Novels

Title:  Barely Legal

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  18,841 Words

ISBN:  9781310613968

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3D Ebook Cover - Barely Legal, by Amicus

Barely Legal


I thought for a moment and turned to Juanita. “I know this is not easy for you; did you have daughters?”

She shook her head, “No children.”

“Would you apologize yet again to her. Tell her there is more she should know before I take her innocence. Tell her it is easier to show her, rather than to talk about it. Ask her if she will stand away from the table a little, close her eyes and keep her arms at her side. I will be very close to her, but not touch her and I won’t stand close enough to touch her with any part of me. If what I think will happen, you might want to look away, and you have my apology in advance.”

“She wants to know why she should do this and what are you going to be doing—”

“Tell her… I think she likes surprises; imagining and anticipating can be a lot of fun.”

“She says, ‘I don’t like you!’”

But she stood up and went to the center of the room and began immediately tapping her toes. I smiled as I stood and moved towards her, “Close your eyes muchacha, and try not to touch me, all right?”

She made an ugly sound. It needed no translation.

She startled when she first felt my breath on her neck. She said some very fast words in Spanish.

“May I talk?” Juanita translated.

“Sure. You may be moaning and groaning and screaming before long, but even then I will not touch you.”

She laughed as Juanita translated both ways, “I won’t make a sound!”

It’s not fair; she squeaked when I blew in her ear. She gasped and made sounds when our lips were so close that we were breathing each other’s air in. My nose was close enough to her cheek and then her neck, all around and down into her hair as I blew into it enough that she could feel my breath on her neck. She almost immediately began breathing hard and shuffling about on her feet, letting little whimpering sounds slip out now and then.

I stood so close to her, face to face, that she could sense my body and how near I was. I fanned the air on both sides of her and watched her shiver and squirm around. Then from behind her with the same treatment. As I came slowly around to her front again and blew on her displayed breasts—THAT was enough for her.

She growled and then screamed in frustration almost at the same time she opened her eyes and literally jumped on me! Inexperienced she might be, but eager and enthusiastic she was. She had her mouth on my neck, my cheeks and then an awkward meeting of lips and mouth wide open kisses until she figured it out. I was worse, I fear, my face in her neck, my hands on both breasts and a knee forced between her legs that she immediately responded to. I gave it a half a minute, maybe a little more as I remembered I had not kissed the top of her breasts or really paid much attention to her nipples. Then I took a very necessary deep breath, untangled us, turned her around and clamped my arms around her arms just below her breasts. She immediately started complaining and stomping her feet.

It took time before she quit squirming in my arms and caught up with her breathing, as I did, and I could guide her to a chair.

There was humor in Juanita’s voice, “I thought that was supposed to teach her something. It seems like you rather enjoyed a little too much? The man I lived with many years ago would never have stopped. I didn’t think you would either,” she cackled.



A lovely young Mexican girl brought into the US by Coyotes paid for by her mother, finds herself confined to a small house because she has no papers. How can she survive; how can she live? Of all that she was in her small village before, all that remains now is her virtue and pride, She has no place or status in this strange new country. Would she exchange her soul for a chance to live again?

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eBook TAGS    Legal Teenager Sex, Seductive Young Girl, Illegal Alien, Hot Virgin Latino, Mexican Drug Cartel, Laundered Money

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