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Wild West Historical Ménage Erotica

Title:  Banged Hard in The Badlands

Series:  N/A

Author: Lizzy Eliot

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lizzy Eliot at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  7,377 Words

ISBN:  9781311062505

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3D Ebook Cover - Banged Hard in The Badlands - by Lizzy Eliot

Banged Hard in The Badlands


The plan Jake had in mind was simple enough. “You and me ride with Josh to the cave and get the money,” he told Paul. “Big One stays here to guard the woman and see she don’t go nowhere. When we get back, after we party a bit more with her, we can take the woman to Stella,” Jake said.

So, after they provisioned and saddled up three horses, they put the naked Frank in a saddle with hands tied behind his back.

“Maybe we should tie his pecker to the saddle horn so he don’t fall out,” Paul laughed. Then they rode off leaving Lilly and Big One standing outside, next to a buckboard. Big One had his huge hand around her wrist. As they watched as the men disappear, he shook his head. “I don’t think they’ll get the money. The man Josh is clever.”

“What do you mean?”

“Here they can watch him. Out there he has more chances to escape or kill them.”

“You don't care? It’s your money too.”

“So much money means nothing to me. A little is nice, but an Indian with lots of money would only be robbed by white men or accused of stealing it.”

“But you did steal it.”

He grinned. “Sometimes even white men are right.”

“So why are you doing this, if not for the money?”

“If Jake and Paul have the money, they will buy me food and Mexican whores to keep me happy. I like to be happy. Josh is a cheap bastard.”

She looked around at her home. Josh could have taken her to San Francisco or Boston and bought her nice clothes. “Yes, he is that.”

“A cheap bastard with a small dick.”

She laughed again, liking Big One. “So why didn't you warn them? About Josh.”

“Then they might not go.” He looked at her and put her hand on his cock. He was hard again. “A white wife might be better than a Mexican whore.”

She stood frozen, feeling that massive cock throbbing in her hand. She wanted it, wanted the big Indian to fuck her.



Life on a ranch is hard and strangers should be a nice change. But these hard men are gunning for her husband, and while they wait for him to show, they fuck her... hard. It seems that bad men can give a girl some good times. And when they take her husband to where he's stashed money they leave her alone with an Indian with a monster cock—which gives her ideas on several scores.

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eBook TAGS    Multiple Partners, First Time Anal, Dub-Con, Historical Wild West, Gang Bang, Monster Cock

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