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Humorous Ménage Erotica

Title:  Bananaz II

Series:  N/A

Author: Dee Dawning

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  New Dawning Bookfair

Language: English

Length:  9,179 Words

ISBN:  LC4300011

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3D Ebook Cover - Bananaz II - by Dee Dawning

Bananaz II


That did it! I stood, pointed at her and hollered, "You didn't answer my question? Don't you like sex any-more?"

Glaring at me she shouted. "Yes, I like sex! For the last five nights, after you conked out, I took a shower, and came each time," she rose. "And since it's not a secret anymore, I'm going to take a shower right now."

"You bitch, you won't give it to me, but you take care of yourself."

She pulled her tee shirt off and threw it in my face. "What's the matter, Gloria, Lisa and Shelly weren't enough?"

I caught it, tossed it aside, stared at her hard nipples and my hard cock stiffened. "Don't forget Officer H. Orny."

She pushed her jeans and panties off. "That's what I mean. Counting me you fucked five women and the next night you wanted to fuck again. You're insatiable."

I stuck my arms out to reason with her. "I didn't mean for things to get out of control."

She bunched her panties into a silk ball and flung them at me. Again I caught them while she scrambled to the bedroom door. "The hell you didn't."

Then after slipping into the bedroom, before I realized it, she locked the door.

Getting angrier by the minute, I squeezed her panties. They were damp. I sniffed them. They smelled like…couldn’t put my finger on it, but her odor was something elemental and natural. Teri wanted to fuck all right—she just didn't know it.

I dug my phone out and punched in a number. "Gloria? It's Joel."

"Yes Baby? You lookin' for some more brown sugar?"

"Not right now. It's Teri. She's lost her friggin' mind. I need you to come over here and help me talk some sense into her."

"What's wrong."

"I'm not sure. She says I'm a male, effing nymphomaniac."

She laughed. "Well that’s true, but that's the part of you I'm liking. Maybe, I'm a female effing nymphomaniac."

"Thanks a lot. Are you gonna come over here and help me or not?"



After the wild orgy the previous Saturday, Teri refuses to have sex with Joel, which leads to a forced sex episode in the shower. Soon Gloria and the usual crowd return along with her stud-muffin cousin. Add in a couple dozen neighbors and you have the makings of another even wilder orgy.

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eBook TAGS    Comedy Humor, Public Exhibitionism, Forced Sex, Ménage & Group Sex, Interracial Partners, Oral Sex, Multiple Penetration, Cunnilingus & Fellatio, Hot Tub Party

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