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Reluctant Babysitter Novels

Title:  Babysitter's Desire

Series:  N/A

Author: J.M. Christopher

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  J.M. Christopher

Language: English

Length:  8,921 Words

ISBN:  9781476052830

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3D Ebook Cover - Babysitter's Desire, by J.M. Christopher

Babysitter's Desire


"I suppose it's a little too soon for you be really lonely, huh?" she asked.


"I mean, Cathy's been gone three nights.  Doesn't it feel funny, sleeping by yourself after being married?"


"Oh, for heaven's sake, Sean, we're both adults.  I'm just trying to see how married people handle this sort of thing."

She sounded almost innocent.  But when I looked over there, those long legs folded underneath her, the hem of her nightshirt riding up…

"Bed feels empty," I admitted. "You get used to having your partner there…"

"I wouldn't know, really.  I never spent the night in bed with a guy."

"You're nineteen.  Really?"  I imagined that somebody that looked like her just might…  but then, she didn't act like that.  I mean, here it was, summertime, and she was committed to two weeks of full-time babysitting and was sitting here chatting with me instead of headed out on a date.

"Oh, I'm not TOTALLY innocent," she said.  "But I'm not a slut, either.  But I've never spent the night with a guy."  She looked at me, a serious look.  "And I've never done it sober.  That's why I don't drink any more.  Kids with alcohol…  Huh!"

"Oh," I said.  "That's interesting."

"Is it?"

I had to move my own leg.  There was something that I thought I ought to hide, all six and a half inches of it.  I didn't fool Alaina.

Giggle.  "I'm sorry, Sean.  I don't mean to…"

"What?" I said.

"Tease you."



Alaina, the young babysitter is infatuated with Mr. Quinn, a happily married man. She uses every sex move she knows to get him into bed. He resists at first, but Alaina is persistent. In the middle of the night, after lovemaking, Mrs. Quinn returns early from her trip to catch them cuddled naked together. While she should be mad, Mrs. Quinn believes Alaina might be the spark needed to put love back in their life, so she joins them.

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      Heat Level                            Relative Taboo                            Ending Type

eBook TAGS    Barely Legal, Older Man w/ Young girl,  Virgin Defloration, Reluctant Babysitter Sex, Erotic Adult Virginity Fantasy

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