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Aunt Nephew Incest Erotica

Title:  Wedding Night

Series:  Aunt Erica No.3

Author: Justin Luxure

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,504 Words

ISBN:  LC1425013

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3D Ebook Cover - Wedding Night - Aunt Erica No.3 - by Justin Luxure

Wedding Night


The water had drained out around us; all that was left were bubbles covering our naked bodies. Aunt Erica was on her hands and knees over top of me; I looked over her shoulder to see her ass in the air and glistening from the suds of the bubbles. Both our bodies were slippery and slimy from the leftover bubble mixture.

I pushed forward; forcing her to an upright position on her knees. She grabbed a hold of my testicles tightly as we both rose to our feet still inside the slippery bath tub. Aunt Erica pressed me up against the wall, using the suds to stroke my cock as we continued to passionately kiss.

We were both fighting for control as I pushed back; both of us stepping out of the tub and onto the dry mat allowing us a more stable grip on the ground. Our bodies still dripping and sudsy, I leaned her up against the counter as she cleared it off; everything smashing to the ground. I reached down and hooked my hands under both her oily wet thighs and raised them until she slid on top of the counter.

She spread her legs as I went down to my knees; pulling over the mat under me to relieve the pain of the tiled floor on my knee caps. I buried my face in between her legs; the smell of her cunt mixed with soap was surprisingly pleasant. Everything between her thighs was wet and sticky and I’m sure it wasn’t all just the soap. I liked the way her bare ass pressed down on the counter as she presented her cunt to me.

I bit her inner thigh and then parted her lips with my fingers before sticking my tongue right in. I played with her juices on the tip on my tongue, lapping up and down her slit. As soon as my tongue reached her clit, her legs clamped shut on my head. Her thighs stuck to either side of my face as I continued to work my tongue all around her cunt and clit. Reaching up, I grabbed a handful of her breast with my one arm as she leaned back against the mirror with her legs draped over my shoulders.

“You’re so good at that baby,” she moaned as a pool of water accumulated under us. “Give me your cock, I want it right now.”



I can’t want her the way I do. She’s twice my age, but I’m more turned on by her than any other woman. I shouldn’t give in to temptation, but my Mother’s sister wants me too. Don’t tell a soul, but forbidden fruit has never tasted as good as Aunt Erica! At a family wedding, Jacob and his sexy Aunt Erica spend the night together in a five star hotel room where nothing is off limits; including the bath, bed, backseat and the words "I Love You".

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eBook TAGS    Aunt Nephew Incest, Wedding Sex, Forbidden, Hotel Sex, Sex With Aunt, Mature Woman, MILF Bath Sex

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