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Contemporary Light Romance Novels

Title:  Annie

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,477 Words

ISBN:  9781311016393

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3D Ebook Cover - Annie, by Amicus



“What’s wrong? Is something wrong? Is it my clothes? I didn’t bring anything nice to wear; I hadn’t planned to go anywhere. Jack?”

“You look just fine, Annie, but I wanted to see you in something else, something more feminine,” he stumbled for words, “ah, I see you in, ah, well, Annie, would you let me pick an outfit for you? I’ll pay for it; I mean not a real expensive store, but a nice one. I never get to see you in anything but work clothes, ah, oh, damn, I’m sorry, I…”

Annie laughed and bent over and laughed again, “Dear Mr. Jack. Cool, calm and collected Jack Day, I’ve never seen you flustered before. Sure, I don’t mind. It would be nice to have a new outfit. Where are we going? What are we going to do?”

He smiled broadly, “Good, good, well, I changed the plans. The weather report said it would be the first really warm day this spring and it is just gorgeous out and well, can I surprise you again or do you have to know right now?”

She laughed again, “I always hated surprises, but I love yours; I’ll wait.”

They stood looking at each other for a moment, “Let’s drive the van closer to the mall and leave the pick-up here. Do you have a favorite store you shop at?”

“Several,” she said, “I hope you like shopping.”

After looking and pointing at several display windows, Annie finally said, “So, you want a white or pale colored silk blouse with full sleeves and a buttoned front and a peasant or pleated full skirt just below the knees? That’s what you pointed to almost every time. Belted waist, tight across the hips?” She smiled, “I haven’t dressed that way in a long time, but I know the look you want. You go look at tools or whatever men look at and come back in about a half an hour. Bring cash!”

Jack chuckled as she turned away. For several minutes he browsed through an electronics shop and then a bookstore, stopped and bought two soft salty pretzels and turned back to the dress shop.

The black and red colors in a window caught his eyes and he stopped. Ahh, no, he thought to himself, she’d break my kneecaps. But still he looked, fidgeting in front of the name brand store.

She took a bite of the pretzel and twirled around. “I’ve just got to have this blouse, I love it and it’s not too expensive.” He nodded. “But there are two other skirts; I want you to pick which one and the shoes; fancy or plain?”

“Both,” he said.

She glanced at him, “Both? Okay, I can do that. What’s in the other package? Did you buy something for yourself?”

He turned a bright red and dropped his eyes.


“The devil made me do it.”

She snatched the package from his hands and peeked inside, “Lingerie?” She tilted her head and gave him a quizzical look and stepped back inside the dressing room.



Maybe it’s the novelty or maybe it’s the growing feelings between Jack and Annie as they meet in the off-hours of their work project in Seattle. It’s perfect, if only Annie’s secret didn’t threaten all the trust that’s building between them. Telling him means losing the one thing she wants most in the world and telling him might mean losing him too.

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eBook TAGS    Contemporary Romance, Seattle Space Needle, Museum Date, Champagne & Jazz

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