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Incestuous Brother & Sister Bestiality

Title:  And The Dog Made Three

Series:  PB-390 Greenleaf Classics 1986

Author: David Crane

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  26,140 Words

ISBN:  LC4500042

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And The Dog Made Three - by David Crane

And The Dog Made Three


Tracy scooped up the dog cum from her tits and lapped it greedily from her palms, not wanting to waste a single drop of the lovely stuff. She eyed Major, wondering if she might manage to milk another load from him. But the Great Dane looked drained and his prick had diminished and receded, the naked cock-knob drawn back into his sheath.

Tracy decided to call on her girlfriend, Jennifer, who lived next door. She was just bursting to tell someone about what she had done. Jennifer might be shocked or disgusted, of course. But, somehow, Tracy had an idea that the sexy blonde girl would be fascinated.

And Jennifer, too, had a doggy...

Tracy rubbed the last dregs of spunk into her fat tits, then put her bikini on, tugging the tiny bottom up over her simmering loins and tucking her tits into the halter. She winked at Major, as if to let the doggy know that he would soon be in for another treat.

Nubile hips saucily swinging, Tracy crossed through the adjoining back yards to Jennifer's house. As she had hoped, Jennifer was also sun-bathing beside her pool, wearing a skimpy black bikini that tied at the sides, leaving her sleek flanks bared, and the outer rims of her well-rounded tits exposed.

Tracy paused to admire her friend for a moment, before she announced her presence. Tracy had never made it with another girl, but she had thought about it a great deal and, when she did—usually while playing with her pussy—she generally thought about Jennifer.

Jennifer was every bit as nubile and sexy as Tracy, but in a different and nicely contrasting fashion. She had blonde hair, worn curly and tumbled, big blue eyes that could look both innocent and sultry, and a shapely figure that had certainly inspired many creamy wet dreams and hand-jobs among the local lads.

Tracy wasn't the only one admiring lovely, blonde, bikini-clad Jennifer at the moment.

Eighteen-year-old Joe, tall and athletic and pubescent, had also been staring at his kid sister and getting a booming hard-on in the process.

Joe had been screwing his pounding fist while entertaining incestuous thoughts for some time now. The boy figured it was wicked to lust after his sister, but what the hell—that only made him cum more. Joe lurked around the house, constantly hoping to catch a glimpse of the sexy sibling in a state of undress, changing her clothing or taking a shower or sunbathing topless.



This story features brother and sister incestuously caught up in a need for sexual release by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior such as bestiality—and the effects of their unconventional behavior on their neighbor girl who is drawn into their world. The dog started it, really. But Tracy was a most provocative sight, a vision that caused instant hard-ons in brother and beast alike.

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eBook TAGS    Dog Bestiality, Brother Sister Sex, Incest & Bestiality Erotica, Doggy Sex, Canine Zoophilia, Sex With Animals, Human Animal Sex, Lesbians, Forbidden XXX Erotica, 1970's Pulp Fiction

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