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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Yachting With Daddy

Series:  N/A

Author: Bakerman

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Bakerman

Language: English

Length:  12,006 Words

ISBN:  LC1100216

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3D Ebook Cover - Yachting With Daddy - by Bakerman

Yachting With Daddy


Doing some serious tanning out here is more important.

She makes the decision - why not.

She can tan in her underwear. What is the difference between her small bikini set and her bra and pantie. Plus there is no one around here. Who will see her?

She unclips the little button at the top of her jean's shorts and then she pulls the zipper down before she strips the shorts from her. She simply pulls the little top over her head. Now she is only dressed in her sheer, white bikini panties and her white bra. Her pubic hair is cleanly shaven so nothing will be visible through the sheer material of her pantie. It is definitely not a bathing costume, but very close to it. And it is just her and her father out here on the ocean - no one else. She feels the warm sunlight on her already nicely tanned skin. The excitement rushes through her out here with the openness of the ocean and the fantastic summer feel in the air. This is the life. She already likes living on this yacht.

She falls down on the recliner and looks through her very dark sunglasses at the glinting green of the waters surrounding the yacht. She feels safe and strangely abandoned here in the middle of the ocean. And her father wants to live in this thing. But she heard it has everything, including perfect TV reception as well as Ultra-speed Satelite Internet. So it might not be that bad. But if her mother agrees to them living on this boat, she will want to bring some of her friends with. That will be a lot of fun. She looks over the railing and really wonders if one can dive over the railing and into the ocean. It looks very deep and there is no place to stand in there. She'll wait until her father releases the artificial beach. That makes more sense. No use enjoying oneself and then drowning in the ocean.

She looks up and then she sees her father in the control room of the ship. Even from here, she can see the serious expression on his face. This is what he lives for. He knows he will not be navigating his beloved spaceships anymore, so now he was going to navigate his... sea-ship. She takes off her sunglasses to see him better and then she waves at him. She laughs as he sees her and waves back with a big smile on his face. It took a lot of waving to get his attention off whatever he was doing in there.

Minutes later she sees him appearing out the door of the control room and then he comes down towards her. She sees his face changing as he approaches her.

She suddenly realized that he must have thought she had on a bathing costume when he looked down upon her from up high. Now he sees she is in her sexy underwear.

The teen-girl in her suddenly comes to the fore and she decides to tease him a bit. What will the world be like if a girl does not tease a man now and again, even if it is her own father? That is why she was put on this earth. To drive men wild.



A young teen girl and her Daddy go out into the open ocean to test their new yacht. Out in the open blue of the ocean anything can happen. Especially between a horny teen and her Daddy. He has been out in space for two years and anything is possible. The action that follows out there in international waters - where no law apply to man or woman - becomes hot and bothered. Read only of you like red-hot sex between a young teen girl and her Daddy. As always, nothing is left to the imagination.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Dad daughter sex, daddy daughter incest, consensual incest


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