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Incestuous Family Novels

Title:  American Incest Patterns

Edited & Modernized by:  Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Author: James P. Wilson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  44,579 Words

ISBN:  LC4012

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American Incest Patterns


ANALYST: Are you having sexual relations with your twelve-year-old son?

ODELIA: Yes. Ted does it with me at least once a day. On week-ends, two and three times.

A: Why do you find it necessary to have sexual relations with your own son?

O: In a way I don't think of it as having relations with my son. When I having sex with him, he's really my... husband. My late husband.

A: You see certain traits in your son that reminds you of your late husband?

O: Very much so. Yes. Ted becomes my husband in bed. At least, in my mind.

A: Did you have a successful sexual relationship with your husband?

O: The very best. Raymond, my husband, was a bull of a man. He'd fuck me every day. Sometimes in the bathtub, or when I was sitting on the john, he'd go down on me and suck my cunt.

A: A virile man.

O: Yes, and of course after he left me so suddenly I was disconsolate, broken up, I thought I'd go crazy.

A: And so, you turned to your son who was at the age of puberty.

O: No, not right away. After all, incest isn't something one does swiftly or without thought.

A: What made you finally decide to have sexual relations with your son?

O: I found out that Ted had sexual relations with his grandmother.

Incest, or interfamily sex, is on the rise according to Dr. Ralph Dormann, a sociopsychoanalyst who not only studies the behavior of individuals but of entire social groups in relationship to their particular environment.

Original Book Cover

NOTICE: Much of the 1970's incest literature tends to be written quite poorly. Lot's Cave presents it only for historical value. Where practical, passages are edited to improve writing quality, nevertheless these old classic books remain an interesting read, if for no other reason than to see what turned your parents and grandparents on.

This book is entirely fiction, and is not meant as a psychological analysis.



In years past, incest was regularly practiced almost exclusively by upper-classes and extremely wealthy segments of American society. Yes, in isolated Kentucky hill country, occasionally some families also slept together, but not as a regular practice. Since the 1970's, incest now occurs in middle and poorer classes as often as in wealthier families. What changed? These detailed case studies show why mothers sleep with sons, fathers with daughters, and why women in their 60's have sex with their grandsons. Each case discusses the lurid details of each taboo seduction.

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