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Domination & Submission BDSM Erotica

Title:  Amateur Night

Series:  N/A

Author: Crimson Rose

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Crimson Rose

Language: English

Length:  14,622 Words

ISBN:  LC3200028

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Amateur Night - by Crimson Rose

Amateur Night


Opening the lion engraved doors, Renee and Charlotte looked upon their first bdsm club in nervous excitement. The first thing they noticed were the half, or nearly naked men and women walking about serving the well-dressed whom were sitting at tables watching the shows on the three large stages. Their eyes focusing on the center stage, they saw a row of fifteen topless men and women with nipples pierced exactly like their own and half a dozen leather and latex clad Dominants pacing back and forth.

“That must be where the contest begins,” Renee said, pointing to the center stage. “Come on, we don’t want to be late.”

“Says you,” Charlotte replied. “Do you see what they’re holding in their hands? I don’t know much about all of this, but I know a cane when I see one. Or half a dozen in this case. Do you think they’re going to use them on us?”

“Probably as part of the discipline training we’ll receive during the contest,” Renee answered, taking her best friend by the hand and dragging her across the club and onto the stage just as a loud buzzer went off.

A tern-looking brunette of about thirty wearing a corset, miniskirt and knee-high leather boots looked down the line of contestants and then stepped to the edge of the stage lightly tapping one end of the bamboo cane against her right hand as she went. “Ladies and gentlemen, Masters, Mistresses, submissives and slaves alike!” she said into the microphone hooked to the left breast of her corset. “Tonight marks a very special milestone here at the Lion’s Club. We’ve been running these monthly contests now for five years making this our sixtieth!” There was a loud roar of cheers and applause from the hundred and fifty or so men and women watching including members of staff from fellow dominants all the way down to the submissives and slaves serving them that lasted a full minute before dying down enough for the Mistress to continue.

“As in the past, tonight’s contest will last for a full twenty-four hours, or until only three remain. You heard right people! This month there won’t be just on winner, but THREE! To the third place winner goes one thousand dollars and six months training as a submissive or slave. Second place wins twenty-five-hundred dollars and a full year of training and the grand prize winner will receive five-thousand dollars, a job here at the Lion’s den and full training as Mistress Zoe’s sex slave!”

There was another long round of cheering and clapping from the audience and nervous looks from the contestants as they all finally realized what they were getting themselves into. Sure, they knew it would be a long and kinky contest, but many of them failed to grasp just how much so. And hearing the top three winners would be trained as submissives and slaves had more than one thinking about leaving before the contest truly began.



Trying their luck with amateur nights at various strip clubs, best friends Charlotte and Renee enter the Lion’s Den – an upscale club catering to the seedier side of the night life. Only after they sign up are they informed what sort of club it really is, but desperate for enough money to make ends meet and hearing the winner would get a job right there on the spot, they both agree to see it through to the end no matter how perverse things got.

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eBook TAGS    Domination & Submission BDSM, interracial, Menage gang bang, fisting, exhibitionism, golden showers, discipline, body modification

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