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Erotic Narrative YA Romance Novel

Title:  All Nude

Series:  Jasmin's Tingle No.1

Author: Marshall Gibson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  5,646 Words

ISBN:  9781311629487

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - All Nude - Jasmin's Tingle No.1 - by Marshall Gibson

All Nude


Laura appeared at the door, looking over the ladies as they sat conversing together. “Sir Richard and Daddy Mark are at the bar,” she announced.

“Yes ma’am,” Josie said as she stood up in professional deference to ma’am Laura.

“Get her ready,” Laura said to Josie and left the office.

“What’s happening now?” Jasmin said standing up from her chair.

“We’re going to meet Sir Richard and Daddy Mark, okay?” Josie explained with an effervescent smile as she walked around the desk and to the office door. “Follow me, please.” Josie escorted Jasmin down the narrow hallway past the dressing rooms to the burgundy velvet curtains leading to the bar area. Josie stopped by the curtain and turned to Jasmin.

“Okay, Rosalyn, “Josie began with a suddenly sympathetic voice. “I need you need to take off all your clothes now,” Josie instructed in a casual voice that belied the unnerving nature of her request.

Jasmin’s smile evaporated from her face at Josie’s unexpected instructions. “I have to do what?” Jasmin asked, swallowing hard with anxiety.

“You need to take off your clothes.” Josie instructed gently. Jasmin stood speechless for a moment, her mind spinning.

“Do you mean it?” Jasmin asked finally in disbelief.

“I’m afraid so.” Josie said in an understanding voice.


“Yes, everything. Even your bra and panties, I’m afraid.”

“But, I’m too shy. I’ve never done something like this. I don’t want too.”

“Yea, I know,” Josie said as she tipped her head and empathized with Jasmin’s feelings like a close girlfriend. “It’s for the owner and the manager. They see all the girls naked when they get hired. It’s okay. It’ll only be for a minute, and I’ll be with you the whole time, I promise, okay sis?” Jasmin said nothing and didn’t move. “I can see you’re very shy about having to do this, but all of the dancers have to do it.”

“So I really have to do this? Jasmin pleaded in a small voice.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, if you want to work here.” Josie affirmed with a gentle assertive. “I’m sorry to make you do it, but I have to.”

Jasmin closed her eyes. She could hardly believe what she was about to do. Part of her wanted to walk out of the bar, retaining her pride and dignity as a young woman. And in the same moment, she knew this would be her only chance to meet the handsome, blond foreigner who called her “spitfire.” And the foreigner could mean redemption for herself and her family, the thing she desired most deep inside. Conflicted with the confusing options presented her, her heart and mind struggled with the painfully humiliating prospect of standing completely nude before two foreign men.

“Rosalyn,” Josie said gently. “I’m afraid I need you to take off your clothes.

Jasmin sighed deeply, and with painful reluctance, she began to undress herself, removing slowly each article of clothing from her slender frame, letting them each fall to the floor until she was wearing her bra and pink Hello Kitty underwear. Josie smiled with a slight laugh as she noticed Jasmin’s undergarments.

“Your underwear is cute. They’re like a kid’s.” Josie commented much too casually in light of the delicate circumstances. Jasmin stood motionless in front of Josie, anxiously awaiting further instructions. “I’m afraid you need to take off everything. I need to have you completely nude.” Josie instructed with a sympathetic tone.

Trembling visibly, Jasmin slowly unclasped her bra and slid the thin straps from her shoulders, then very gradually lowered her candy-colored panties around her slender hips and down her legs until they lay in a pool around her ankles, her body now completely nude. Trembling nervously in her bare state, she draped one arm over her chest and concealed her pubis with her other hand. “Can I have a robe at least?” Jasmin pleaded.

“I’m afraid not. I know you’re shy. No girl likes to do this part. I know you don’t like to be naked. But it’s okay. It’s only for a minute, and I’ll be right next to you, I promise,” Josie said calmly as she attempted to assure Jasmin, taking no pleasure at seeing the young lady in her vulnerable state.



Jasmin is barely legal and drawn to the erotic glamour of working in an adult bar. Living in the Philippines, Jasmin hopes to ignite the passion of an older man. Before Jasmin can meet the foreigner of her dreams, she must endure the shame and humiliation of undressing herself. Exposing her virgin and barely legal body to group of interested foreigners, Jasmin begins a journey of sexual discovery.

eBook TAGS    New Adult Romance, Erotic Narrative, Virgin Island Girl, Sugar Daddy, Filipina Marriage, Interracial Romance, Philippine Travelogue, Barely Legal Sex, XXX Bar, Sexual Discovery


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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