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Incestuous Mom & Son & Sis Novel

Title:  Adopted

Series:  N/A

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade

Language: English

Length:  34,036 Words

ISBN:  9781311785770

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Adopted, by Baron LeSade



“Oh, you silly boy,” she laughed softly, then suddenly turned serious. “What is your fascination with breasts? Didn't your mother nurse you when you were a baby?”

“I don't know…maybe I'll ask her?” David grinned, stepping over to the bar and picking up her drink.

“I think mine are too saggy,” she complained, taking the drink from him.

How could this all of happened so easily, David giddily wondered. It was almost as if they'd known each other forever. Was their familiarity genetic? Now they were openly discussing her breasts. It was weird.

“How can you say such a despicable thing about them,” he said, appreciatively watching them bobble and jiggle. “I’ll bet they’re fantastic…”

“Flattery just might get you…” she smiled, pausing a moment to coquettishly bat her big blue-green eyes at him.

“Get me what?” he boldly charged on, following her over to the couch where she sat down and pulled her long, shapely legs up under her.

“You never know,” she said, taking a sip of the drink. “Ah, just the way I like it. Nice and strong…”

“Good,” he said, easing down on the couch a couple of feet from her.

“So what does a handsome young man like you see…in a doddering old broad like me, anyway?” she asked, boldly looking into his eyes. “I'm sure that there are plenty of pretty young things that would give anything to be in my place…”

“I like women like I like my wine! Aged to perfection,” he said, reaching over and running his fingers down her bare arm. “I don’t like wine that hasn’t had a chance to mature…” he said, laying it on thick.

“It’s been a long time,” she softly murmured, reaching down and running a short, manicured fingernail down his thigh.

“A long time?” he questioned. A long time since what. Since she'd had sex? A long time since she'd been pursued?

“A beautiful woman like you?” David said softly.

What would she do if she knew I was her son, he loathsomely wondered, letting his finger brush down over the satiny-smooth skin of her arm. What would she do if she knew that it was her own son trying to seduce her?



Mom was wearing a short spring dress. The gathered neckline rested low on the slope of her breasts. Her breasts weren't huge by any stretch of the imagination, but they filled out the bodice of the little dress quite nicely. It was held up by a couple of spaghetti straps stretching across her bare shoulders… What would you expect any son to think? Would you suggest he make a move on Mom?

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      Heat Level                            Relative Taboo                            Ending Type

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Brother Sister Sex, Twin Sibling Love, Stealing Mom from Dad, Genetic Sexual Attraction, GSA & Incest

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