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Paranormal Brother Sister Incest Novel

Title:  Abandon

Series:  N/A

Author: by Mosey

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  7,600 Words

ISBN:  9781310084171

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Abandon - by Mosey



He holds me painfully close to his body, all of him too hot, his skin and muscle strangely alive, crawling on his bones. His breath rattles in his lungs and he keeps me close. “You don’t understand,” he rasps. “I need… I need… you, Quincy!”

I scream louder, hoping somebody will hear. A neighbor, a random stranger passing by in the night, or Mom and Dad returning from their date. Oh God, Mom and Dad! No, no, not them too! “No! No, let me go!”

“Quincy – still!” Matt roars.

I fall silent, tense but completely still, the sound of my own name ringing in my ears. And then I hear them, the two words that break my heart.

“Small Fry.”

That’s me, my pet name. I’m the small fry, and he’s my big brother. I’m the tiny fry at the bottom of the box because those are the ones I like best, the crunchiest, saltiest ones, and those are the ones Matt laughingly declines as “inedible.” They’re not fries, they’re the off-cuts, the ones that went wrong, the sad, not-quite-fries that almost made it, but then didn’t. And I’m the last-born. I almost made it into the hallowed halls of older sibling territory, and then I didn’t.

I gaze into those black eyes and I don’t see the monster, the thing that went wrong, I finally just see my brother. My Matt. “Matty?”

“Small Fry,” he croaks.

“Are you thirsty?” The broken glass and spilled water lays at our feet, forgotten about.


“I’ll make you something. Let me make you something. What do you want, Matty?”

“You,” he groans.

My heart leaps into my throat. My head is spinning and I can’t think straight.

“I just need… you!” he whispers, and he finishes by pressing his mouth against my neck. I shiver but he doesn’t take a bite, instead he kisses me, my skin. This time I shiver for a whole different reason. I shiver because I like it



Inside us all is the potential to become a monster. Quincy can’t help but try to protect her wayward brother who has come home after dropping out of college and can’t seem to get his life together. She loves him, always will—even if doing so makes her the monster in a situation. However, when he stupidly acts on a dare in an abandoned house in order to impress a girl, it is she who isn’t safe.

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eBook TAGS    Terrifying Tentacles, Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Romance, Elements of Soft Horror and Paranormal Play, Dubious Consent, Abandoned House, Magic Potion

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