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Incestuous Mother Son Novels

Title:  A Visit to the School Nurse

Series:  N/A

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  23,500 Words

ISBN:  9781301548224

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A Visit to the School Nurse, by Baron LeSade

A Visit to the School Nurse


Then, as he lay there, his thoughts drifted back to Mrs. Ratchet. She was just about the sexiest woman in the whole school. She had short, blondish-gray hair that she wore in a kind of disheveled look, that made her look she had just crawled out of bed. Her smoky blue eyes and full lips were enough to make a boy cry, he thought. She had a trim, curvy figure and pretty, long legs, emphasized by the high heels she always wore. He didn't know of any other nurse that wore high heels to work, so that just made her even sexier. But then again, he didn't know that many nurses either. And under her knee length lab coat, she always wore a white blouse and a short, black skirt. But the highlight…or highlights of her body were her mountainous tits. They were definitely the biggest pair in the whole school. And there wasn't a boy in school that wouldn't give their left nut to get a glimpse of the treasures. All in all, she was one more hot nurse, he told himself.

Finally, he gave his note to Mr. Howard and headed off for Nurse Ratchet's office. As he stepped into the waiting room, he saw that the door to her office was open and she was sitting behind her desk smiling up at him.

"Good afternoon, Jerry," she called out to him. "Flip the placard to busy and come on in...and close the door behind you."

"Uh, okay," he grinned, quickly stepping over, flipping the sign and closing the door behind him as she had told him.

"So how are they hanging?" she asked him, rolling her chair back away from her desk. Oddly, it was the same thing his father had said earlier, but from Nurse Ratchet, it didn't sound nearly as crass.

Before he could speak, he watched her legs part momentarily as she lifted one up over the other. But when she did, his eyes shot down to her crotch just in time to catch just a flash of bare flesh between her legs. SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANY PANTIES ON, he feverishly told himself. Nurse Ratchet wasn't wearing any panties. His heart began to pound. He could feel the blood gushing into his cock, making it hard and stiff as a board.

"What?" she smiled up at him as he stared down at her with silver-dollar eyes, his mouth hanging open like he was some imbecilic cretin.

"Uh, I…Oh…I…you…" he foolishly muttered.

Then she reached out and slowly pulled the center drawer of her desk open.

"Were these what you were looking for," she asked, reaching down with her fingertip and pulling out a pair of frilly, black panties.



Just then, an atom bomb of pain exploded down in his balls, paralyzing him with its intense, nauseating severity. Clutching at his aching groin, he flopped to the ground groaning. Tears were coursing down his cheeks as he fought to keep from throwing up..."Well, come on," he heard the instructor say. "We'll take you over to the school nurse." "Oh, no, not Mrs. Ratchet," Jerry muttered.

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eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, MILF School Nurse, Barely Legal Schoolboy, Nurse's Uniform, Illicit Relationship, Taboo Sex

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