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Incestuous Family Novels

Title:  A Very Hot Day

Series:  N/A

Author: Amicus

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,435 Words

ISBN:  9781310955150

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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A Very Hot Day


“Hey, you got some color back in your face. That is a good sign!”

“I do, I did?”

“Yeah, you blushed a little. Either that, or you’re hot for me!”

“Ha, ha,” she laughed, “no freaking way, old man!”

We’ll see about that, I thought to myself. “Let me put my hand on your forehead and see if it has cooled any.”

She watched me as I leaned forward and lowered my hand to her head. Then to her cheeks and her neck and her arms, touching and feeling the warm and the cool and her skin of course. A little more color showed on her cheeks.

“Okay, that’s enough groping, am I cooler?”

“Maybe, a little…” I kept sliding my hands lightly over her from the waist up her arms, her neck and tracing delicate lines on her cheeks.

I looked at her for a long moment, letting my eyes blink as I thought, ‘I wonder if you were not so pretty if I would…’

I leaned over and placed my mouth on her neck under her right ear and kissed my way down her throat. She rested her hand on my head, gently pushing me away, but she lifted her chin as I kissed under it and over to the other side of her neck.

“You just stop that, right now!”


I kissed back up to her left ear and then down into the hollow of her neck and slowly let my mouth explore between her breasts.

“Will you get off me, please?”

“Okay.” I found her hands with mine and traced my fingers up both arms to her shoulders and moved my face back into her neck.

“That’s not stopping!”

“Yeah, I know, but your skin is so smooth…” I kissed around her jaw and up to her chin and just touched the corner of her mouth.

“Don’t even try to kiss me, I will scream; I will!”

“Okay.” I moved across her bottom lip to the other corner.

“I mean it!”

“Okay.” I had my fingers entwined in hers holding them lightly, she didn’t squeeze back, so I moved both hands, framed her face, traced a line with a finger across her cheekbone and looked deep into her eyes. “You are beautiful…”

Her breath puffed against my lips as I slowly lowered my face to her cheek and again to a corner of her mouth, pressing my lips lightly against her. She made a soft little noise.

“Stop that…”

“Okay…” But I didn’t, instead, I sat up and pulled my T up and over my head and before she could complain or resist, lowered my chest to hers and ran my hands up her arms again, resting my face on the left side of her neck.



When a rambunctious group of kids move next door to him, an old man complains about their loud music and noisy parties. On a hot August day, one of the girls collapses in front of him and he must tend to her heatstroke by bringing her into his air conditioned bedroom, undressing her and pouring water over her overheated body. They talk, argue and he finds an unusual way to assess her temperature.

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eBook TAGS    YA Young Adult, Barely Legal, Sweet Romance

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