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Brother Sister Incest Novels

Title:  A New Halloween Game

Series:  N/A

Author: John E. Jay

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  22,911 Words

ISBN:  LC9007

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A New Halloween Game


When Nelson went to her she raised her knees reached down, spread her pussy lips wide and invited him to enter her. She was smiling and said, "I'll help you with your problem. I know you want Kimberly. I understand that she has your pussy de jour and you're not happy that she decided to let her brother fuck her, but she seems to be enjoying him a lot and she won't be happy if you interfere so put your big cock in this tight little pussy I've got here for you and fuck me. I want it. I've been missing your big cock."

Nelson rammed his stiff cock into her and soon they were energetically fucking alongside Eric and Kimberly. Nelson was still watching Kimberly's belly flex as she worked on her brother's cock with her tight pussy. He wanted that tight little pussy working on his own cock and he knew he'd have it again before long.

He was reliving the feeling of her pussy clenching on his cock as he watched her abdomen tense each time Eric thrust into her, but Annie was giving him a lot of pleasure now. She knew what he liked and how to please him. She was doing her best to make it very good for him while enjoying herself to the max.

Nelson was thrusting into her in sync with Eric's thrusts into Kimberly since he was still fascinated by how her abdomen was tensing every time Eric thrust into her. Annie didn't care why he was thrusting into her so hard and deep. She was simply pleased that he was thrusting into her hard and deep.

She was enjoying it very much she thought that if he continued to thrust the way he was thrusting she would come very soon. She said in his ear, "my God Nelson that's good. Keep fucking me just like that and I'll come very soon. Pump your cock into my pussy hard and make me come. I love it Nelson. Fuck me Nelson. Just like that. Make me come. Oh keep fucking me hard Nelson. It's so good. Fuck me!"

Now that she had Nelson's cock inside her stretching her and filling her pussy, she wasn't missing Eric at all. She was a little annoyed that she was thinking about him at all. She wanted to come and she was getting close.

She felt the tightness in her pussy and knew she was about to come. When her orgasm gripped her she screamed and said "God it's good Nelson! Keep fucking me hard Nelson! I want it. I'm coming. Oh Nelson!... Oh!... Oh!... Oh my god Nelson it's so good. Don't stop Keep fucking me just like that. Hard and deep. Oh god it's good."



To spice up their sex life Annie and Nelson invite people they think are sexually adventurous to a Halloween party where they play sexual games which loosen everyone up and lower their inhibitions. Wild sex with many partners ensues and the couple winds up with a brother and sister as live in playmates. Nelson took the sister's virginity and then she has incestuous sex with her brother.

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eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Sex

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