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One major ruleóJasmine must never enter one particular room until becoming a young woman when it's time for Mother to teach her all the ways of sex. A natural submissive, Jasmine rises quickly within the ranks of her family. After getting a taste of the kinky lifestyle her parents grew up in Ė the family tradition will now continue perpetually through every generation.

Family Incest & BDSM Novel

Title:  A Family Confessed Tradition

Series:  N/A

Author: Lily Weidner

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  14,555 Words

ISBN:  9781301622900

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Book Cover Photo - A Family Confessed Tradition, by Lily Weidner

A Family Confessed Tradition


Slowly, Kelly's hand worked its way up my inner thigh. I could only sit there hesitant, nervous of what was happening. My mom seemed to sense this, as she gently kissed my cheek. Kelly had often kissed my cheek, but this time it felt different. Her lips lingered on my cheek, and there seemed to be almost an intimacy to it. My hand gently slid down to rest beside hers, and then my eyes looked at her. Strands of hair had gotten in her face, and I gently tucked them behind her ear. My fingers lingered for a moment, and then hesitantly worked their way through her long hair.

I could feel my body move closer to hers, and then she slowly began to move towards me. She moved to kiss me, and I felt my body tense. Still I couldn't pull away from her advances, and soon her lips met mine. I'd never kissed anyone before, and her lips felt moist and warm. My body seemed to respond for me, as soon my hand gripping her hair pulled her closer. My tongue worked its way past her lips, and playfully ran on the inside of her cheek. Her lips gently sucked at my tongue, and I found myself straddling her lap in my excitement.

My legs lay spread across her lap, and the cloth of her skirt ran across my bare skin. I never wanted the kiss to break; it was so sweet, so loving. Eventually my mother pulled away, and I could only hesitantly look into her eyes. She seemed so filled with longing, that I instantly knew that the line we'd just cross was okay to her. My hands worked their way down to her shirt, and I lifted it off without a second thought. With my other hand, I pushed up her skirt revealing her panties. Even as a married woman, Kelly still wore lingerie. Her lace panties and bra were the sexiest thing I could imagine on her.

Kelly's fingers ran up my back, and halted at my bra. At first I thought she would simply go around it, but then she undid the fragile clasp. My hands protectively held the straps on my shoulders, only to have my mother gently pull away my hands. "It's alright Jasmine; you don't have anything I haven't seen already as a woman." Hesitantly, my hands fell back down to my own waist. I felt the straps being slid down, and then felt my bra pulled away from my body. At first I expected my mother to react in shock, but she treated it as the most normal thing we had ever done.

The cold air made my skin become covered in a slight layer of goose bumps, and I could feel the heat from my mother's body so close to mine. Her hands gently felt my breasts, and I moaned from the simple touch. Ever so slowly, I felt her fingertips brush against my nipples. They began to harden in response, and her warm breath began to blow across my skin. The sensation was unlike any I had ever felt, and I began to grind against my mother's lap. One of her hands gripped my waist holding me still, while her lips wrapped around one of my nipples.

She began to suck on my nipples, making them harder to the touch. The sensation made my body extremely excited, and I longed for more. My fingers worked their way up her bra, and undid the clasp. Sensing my eagerness, Kelly quickly sat up allowing her bra to fall to floor. Pushing her down onto the bed, I began to lick up her stomach. My eyes saw her own shut in pleasure, the closer I got to her breasts. While my mother held my hair back for me, I teased her nipples with my mouth. Sucking ever so softly, my tongue teased her now sensitive nipples.

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eBook TAGS    Family Incest Erotica & BDSM Erotica: Mother Daughter Incest, Father Daughter Incest, Uncle Niece Sex, Domination & Submission, Spanking

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