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Nancy finds herself fantasizing about, and even doing things that would have Young Bobby Kramer has a big fall when his wife leaves him for another man. Thank God, Loretta Bishop's there to pick up the pieces. But all is not rosy. At first, being with Bobby seems like a dream, but clouds begin to gather from Loretta’s spotty, sometime sordid past. Feeling burdened by guilt after Bobby asks to marry her, Loretta is no longer able to continue and runs away.

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      Heat Level                            Relative Taboo                            Ending Type

eBook TAGS    Dominance & Submission, BDSM, Hints of Mother/Son Incest, Many Orgasms, Oral Sex, Masturbation & Exhibitionism, Multiple Partner Menage, Sexual Tutoring

Dominance & Submission BDSM Novels

Title:  A Dangerous Game

Series:  N/A

Author: Dee Dawning

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  New Dawning Bookfair

Language: English

Length:  40,253 Words

ISBN:  LC0501

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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Book Cover Photo - A Dangerous Game, by Dee Dawning

A Dangerous Game


Loretta stood at the door and gazed at me, a Mona Lisa like smile on her lips. As she sauntered over, the faint bouquet of a tangy perfume wafted over tickling my nostrils. She sat next to me, angled with her legs folded beside her on the couch the way women do.

When I first meet girls, women too, as Loretta is a grown woman, they make me extremely nervous. And here I was, with Loretta, a sexy middle aged woman wearing little clothing, in her apartment—a woman I'd known fifteen minutes max—having agreed to spend the night.

My hands were sweaty and I could barely breathe. And when she rested a hand on my shoulder, I nearly jumped through the roof. Jesus, I'm scared shitless!

Grasping my wine glass, I tipped it up and emptied the contents into my mouth. Calm down, she's Gary's good friend.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm. Nevertheless, chills ran through me, when she leaned close to my ear and spoke softly, "Bobby, there are two ways we can approach this—platonically or intimately."

Intimately? I felt myself flush again. "What do you mean?"

Her eyelids lowered and her lips formed a sensuous, crooked smile. "I can be your helpful big sister or your sex surrogate."

My face must have registered confusion, because she continued in a sultry, provocative voice, "To put it bluntly, Bobby, we can talk or we can f**k and talk."

I flushed again, but this time it was accompanied by a stirring in my groin. For the first time, I looked upon Gary's sexy friend as a potential sex partner, and the idea of having sex with Loretta excited me.

"Which do you prefer?" Loretta cooed.

I glanced around. "Can we rest here on the couch and see where it leads?" Why am I fighting it?

As her fingers twirled a lock of my hair around her fingers, her other hand went to my thigh, conveying electric sensations all the way to the tip of my penis. Flashing a sexy smile, she snuggled even little closer, and my heart began palpitating when her breast pushed against my shoulder.

"Tell me, Bobby. What exactly are your goals?"

"I want to go back to school and be a—"

Loretta laughed. She had a nice laugh.

"No, silly! What are your goals here—with me? Do you want me to help you to be a player, a Lothario or get enough confidence and presence to find the right girl and settle down again?"

I thought for a second. "I suppose I'd like to be a player until I can find someone special."

"Good. Let me ask you this. Your ex-wife left you for another man, right?"

"Yes, except we're still married."

"Alright, your wife's cheating on you and it hurts like hell, doesn't it?

"Yes." Where is she going? "Why are you bringing this up?"

"Two reasons. First, if you become a player and then find that special someone, could you stop being a player and be true to that girl?"

"Oh yeah. That's the way I am. At heart I want that special person. You know, someone to love and cherish. What's the second thing?"

"The second thing depends."

"Depends on what?"

She cocked her head and smiled coyly. "On whether you find me attractive?" She moved her hand halfway up my thigh, within a couple inches of my growing erection.

Barely able to breathe, I asked, "What difference would it make if I found you attractive?"

"We have to work on your naivety. Do you find me attractive?"

"Yes, yes."

"Then I'd like you to take your hurt out on me."

Without saying another word, to my shock, Loretta got down on her knees in front of me, undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled my rigid pr**k out from my briefs.

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