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Brother Step-Sister Erotica

Title:  A Taboo Lesson

Series:  N/A

Author: S.M. Donald

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  S.M. Donald

Language: English

Length:  6,912 Words

ISBN:  LC6100003

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A Taboo Lesson - by S.M. Donald

A Taboo Lesson


Chrissy was relieved when she got the job at the ski lodge, even if it was only cleaning rooms at the The Big House. She’d come to Banff to pursue her dream of spending her days on the slopes - even if it meant that she would be poor for the rest of her life. Her parents thought she was in college but that only lasted for a couple weeks before she dropped out and answered the call of the ski slopes.

When she got to Banff, she hardly had a cent to her name and the only job she could get was as a hotel housekeeper. She’d hoped that her long dark hair and exotic brown eyes and great figure would at least get her a serving or hostess job where she could make some decent tips but it seemed that all those positions had been filled for the season. The only thing left for a college dropout with no skills was housekeeping. It was that or stripping and the thought of showing her body off to a bunch of strange men made her cringe so she didn’t think she’d do very well at that.

At first she thought that she would hate it but the people that stayed in The Big House were generally some pretty upper class people. They had some wild parties once in a while and left a bit of a mess but it wasn’t anything major and if she encountered them coming in or out of the rooms they pretty much just ignored her. So, not so bad.

Once she was cleaning rooms she was pretty much on her own. No one bothered her and she just did her thing. Sometimes she found some really interesting stuff to keep her entertained while she was working. One woman left a kind of diary under her bed that detailed all of her sexual encounters. And that’s pretty much all that was in it. She stayed there for a whole week so Chrissy had a chance to read the whole diary. And each part that she read made her horny, so she would have to masturbate before she could get back to work and focus on what she was supposed to be doing.

Most of the people that stayed at the Big House had computers so she was able to “borrow” them to go online and check her email and her Facebook. She always remembered to clear the history and the cache before she logged out and carefully put the computer back where she’d found it. She found some pretty interesting things on those computers though. Naked selfies and even a few sex tape type of videos. These people had no clue that she was snooping through their things.



Chrissy never thought that while she was working at a housekeeper at an expensive hotel that she would get caught snooping through people's computers and seeing their most intimate files. And she never thought that the man who caught her would be the step-brother she hadn't seen in ten years. And she never thought that he would punish her so severely. But she did and he did. This is a sordid tale of blackmail and taboo sex.

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      Heat Level                            Relative Taboo                            Ending Type

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, punished by brother, dubcon, pseudo incest, stepbrother sex, spanking, dominance, punishment, humiliation

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