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Historical Hucow LactoSlut Erotica

Title:  A Royal Hucow: The Creamy Passions

Series:  N/A

Author: Lola Ryder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  7,278 Words

ISBN:  LC6100003

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A Royal Hucow: The Creamy Passions - by Lola Ryder

A Royal Hucow: The Creamy Passions


“All done, my Lady!” the witch said and Amelia got off the table. A strange feeling filled every part of her body. She looked down and saw that her small titties turned into massive luxurious creamy jugs with swollen nipples that were begging to be sucked. Amelia’s pussy, although never taken by a man’s cock before felt awfully empty. The Princess was taken over by a strong unquenchable desire to have a man inside her.

Suddenly, there was a loud crashing noise. Rulf, the head of the royal guards leaned too hard at the old door. It gave in, he fell through the rotten wood and now was laying on the floor with his cock out.

“I’m so sorry, your Majesty…” he muttered, mortified, scrambling to put his pants on, but Amelia stopped him.

“Sir Rulf, come here,” she said, laid back onto the table and spread her legs. “I want you to suck my nipples, eat my pussy and fuck me with that giant cock of yours!”

There was a short moment of shocked silence.

“But, your Majesty!” Muriel said horrified. “You have to remain a virgin for your future husband… And the shame of tumbling with a guard… This is unthinkable!”

“Shut up, you fool!” Amelia shouted. “I’m the Princess and I do what I want!”

She gestured Rulf to come closer and he approached her with great anticipation. He and his men were waiting and watching the Princess from outside for hours. His cock and nuts were so excited, that he terribly ached and could hardly walk.

Rulf was a six foot six tall warrior with dark brown hair, blue eyes, massive muscles and big hands. He sworn his life to King Francis and was in love with the Princess Amelia. It was a dream come true to serve her in such a personal way...



Amelia’s always been a spoiled brat, but when this barely legal princess fails to attain the one thing she desires, she forms a scheme to achieve a night of forbidden pleasure. Having wanted a night of passionate sex with a prince, this brat soon finds herself used by royal guards, peasants, and more! With so many people to pleasure, will this spoiled princess finally get the discipline she needs?

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eBook TAGS    hucow historical fantasy, lactation adult breast feeding fetish, princess fucking sucking tits, young spoilt brat sex, barely legal brat gangbang

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